My SAT, SAT II, and ACT scores

<p>So here's my little dilemma in which I'd sincerely appreciate your input in.</p>

<p>In March I took the SAT and got 1970 (620 reading, 760 math, 590 writing). Eh..
In April I took the ACT and got 33 (31 English, 34 math, 31 reading, 34 science). Yay!
In June I took the SAT II and got 740 chemistry and 670 math. Mehh...</p>

<p>Should I send both SAT and ACT?
Should I retake ACT? Retake SAT?
Should I retake SAT II chemistry along with math?</p>

<p>The colleges I'm looking into are UCLA, UCSD, USC, UChicago, NYU, UPenn, Carnegie Mellon, and Rice.</p>

<p>Thank you in advance for you advice!</p>

<p>Re-Take your Math II (study and aim for 750+). Do not send your SAT I score. Good luck.</p>

<p>Definitely don't send SAT I scores. Send in the ACT without a doubt. </p>

<p>Send the chem, but retake the math and aim for a 700 at least. :)</p>

<p>Good luck. (:</p>

<p>UPenn wants both SATs or ACT. You can't send them SAT IIs only with ACT></p>

<p>I am in a similary situation. I have a higher ACT than SAT but UPenn wants to see ALL of your test scores that you have ever taken. I don't want to send in my SAT that I only took once at all because it isn't nearly as good as my ACT.</p>

<p>Reeses - You don't have to send them SAT.</p>

<p>Some people like to submit their good SAT II scores but Penn only needs them if you submit SAT. If you only want to submit ACT they are fine with it. They want all scores from a source if you submit a single score from that source. So if you don't need to submit SAT II, then just send ACT.</p>

<p>thanks texaspg</p>

<p>So my SAT II test scores are useless if I send in my ACT?</p>

<p>OP - this rule is specific to UPenn and I don't know the rules with other schools on your list. Penn requires you to send your SAT I if you try to submit SAT II. If you submit only ACT, then they are ok with it.</p>

<p>Chicago does nt need SAT IIs and so if you want to submit them only, they should be fine with it. Rice wants SAT I + 2 subjects or only ACT. I don't know if they require you to submit SAT I if you try to submit SAT II. You will need to read their rules.</p>

<p>However there are some major specific rules at each school. If you want to major in engineering Penn encourages you to submit subject Math and Physics. I think USC has some subject rules too.</p>

<p>Stchiken, if you send ACT you can still send SATII scores. I am pretty sure it says on their site that they acutally recommend SAT II scores for specific colleges. However, if you do send ACT, you do not have to send SATIIs (but you can).</p>

<p>Much thanks to all of you! I'll study and retake SAT II math and just take SAT I without studying.</p>

<p>Should I take the ACT or SAT I again? Does it look bad to colleges to have taken these tests more than once despite a slightly higher score?</p>