my Sat score is confusing

<p>my english went from 24>25>27>27>28 and today, I got a 25
my reading went from 21>22>23>28>23 now today i got a 29
are my scores suppose to go like this? maybe i wasn't focusing enough so my score went down.
any comments?</p>

<p>My only comment many times are you planning on taking that test?</p>

<p>those are practice test scores.</p>

<p>What i noticed is that you only moved up 1 point from your first to second practice test on both sections. I think this is some indication that you repeatedly make the same mistakes and don't review the questions you get wrong. Make sure you understand why you're getting questions wrong. Any section should be easy to improve if you work at it.</p>

<p>do you mean.. act score?</p>

<p>yes act practice scores for english</p>

<p>Definitely focus more. I would question your studying approach though. If you've been thoroughly reviewing every problem, you should receive a much higher increase.</p>