My SAT Subject test scores, what to do, and when to send in scores?

Currently, I have taken the math 2, physics, chemistry, biology and literature sat II.

My math (790), chemistry (770) and physics (pending, but most likely 800) would be sent to colleges. But there is a problem:

I just took the SAT physics and literature together on October 6th, and I will be applying for ED and EA, due November 1. Should I wait until October 20ish when my scores come out to send them together? Will it be in time?

I can also use the 4 free score reports, it will end up sending both my physics score and literature score, but I did bad on the literature (I’m guessing around 700). Say I use them, they will still wait until my scores come out to send them, making there no difference in delivery date?

BTW, I’m willing to pay for the fast shipping which College Board claims to send them within 2 days, but it also tells me colleges need a week to process the scores upon receiving them.

Many schools are encouraging applicants to self-report test scores. Where are you applying ED/EA and do they allow/encourage self-reporting? If so, you can wait till you get those scores and report what you wish, assuming you aren’t required to report everything. That would take care of the free score report option.

If you must send official scores, then read your schools’ admissions pages to see what they say about subject tests. Many will accept these after the Nov. 1 deadline, particularly if they are “supplemental” materials. Again, you can avoid sending scores you haven’t seen yet.

So a lot depends on whether your scores are required or supplemental, and/or whether you are allowed to self-report.

I wouldn’t send any score I hadn’t seen yet, even if it’s “free” to do so.