My school just 100% screwed me over.. is this fair?

<p>I don't start classes again until the 18th. However, I got an email from my school today that says this:</p>

<p>The following inquiry is in response to ETFINANCA-SELFSERVICE</p>

<p>No personal deferment and inefficient financial status have been detected on your UI***SELFSERVICE system. A past fund-due encumbrance has been placed on your SELFSERVICE ENTERPRISE account and all registered classes and programs for the upcoming Spring 2011 semester have been auto-dropped. Until your financial deficiencies have been satisfied, this encumbrance will prevent you from registration and enrollment, obtaining official transcripts, and use of other SELFSERVICE ENTERPRISE applications on the university server. Once the encumbrance has been lifted, you will be allowed to view/request official transcripts from the registrar and register for Spring 2011 courses.</p>

<p>My mom and I checked FAFSA, and my student loans didn't come through. It's too late in the night for my mom to call and ask why, but they didn't. We still have an outstanding balance of $22,866 when that should be cleared.</p>

<p>So basically, for some reason that we don't know and that probably doesn't pertain to me, my school dropped all my classes? If that's the case, this is bull.</p>

<p>I tried logging into my self-service account to check if I 'm still enrolled in my classes, but I get a message that says:</p>

<p>"This web address is encumbered. Please try again."</p>

<p>Is this fair? Has anyone else ever had something like this happen? And what if my loans don't get sorted out my the time classes start?</p>

<p>You may not think this is fair. On the other hand, it appears that you owe money to the school. Until you clear up the financial issue and pay your debt to the school, they have a right to put a hold on your status. </p>

<p>Call the financial aid office and talk with someone in the morning.</p>

<p>It looks like the work of a hacker but i'm not sure.</p>

<p>You owe $22,866? Is that just for the semester?</p>

<p>That's a horrible situation, and I'm sorry. But, unfortunately for you, the school does have the right to do this. Talk to someone in Financial Aid ASAP.</p>

<p>I think the email you got is either part of a scam, or a mistake. Did the email identify anything specific to YOU (name of the school, names of the classes dropped, Your name?)</p>

<p>Do you know that emails can be fake? It could be real, but do not pay anything until you talk to FA on the TELEPHONE or in person. I don't kow what you mean by "I checked Fafsa." my school has an area on their website where I login and check all that.</p>

<p>Hey, thanks. I don't think this's a scam, since it came from a financial aid email address with ".edu" at the end, AND the message has the University of Illinois logo at the bottom. But nowhere does it list the classes it dropped, which is slightly sketchy but I'm sure not assuming I'm still enrolled.</p>

<p>We usually have a portal where we can check the F.A. stuff, but I leave that to my mom and I've never been on there. But the site to get to it is encumbered so we had to log into Fafsa. My mom called her friend, who's son is also a freshman in college, and they got an email a few days ago saying that loans were distributed. We never got such a thing.</p>

<p>My mom's completely freaking out and I'm just worried I'm gonna get back to school and not have any classes. </p>

<p>We'll definitely call tomorrow, assuming the FA office is open....</p>

<p>I looked up "encumbered." "This web address is encumbered. Please try again,"
I don't think that makes sense. what is "self-service account"?</p>

<p>Once I get an email from financial aid like that (when i was going to a stupid, for-profit online college) when i called, they told me their system misfires emails... how long have you been unenrolled? I think after 3 months of not being enrolled, you have to pay back the loans.</p>

<p>try to do a google search on the email address. Once I got a fake paypal email from a nigerian scammer ... it had the paypal logo, luckily it didn't trick me.</p>

<p>You have to scrutinize the Engligh in suspicious emails. </p>

A past fund-due encumbrance has been placed on your SELFSERVICE ENTERPRISE account and all registered classes and programs for the upcoming Spring 2011 semester have been auto-dropped


<p>that sentense is incorrect. it tries to confuse you. "registered classes" the word registered is not an adjective... and why "and programs"? auto-dropped does not make sense. automatically dropped does. I'm not even going to try to make sense of "past fund-due."</p>

<p>I might be talking out of my ass</p>

<p>You sort of are talking out of your ass, because the word "registered" can definitely be used as an adjective lol...</p>

<p>Call the financial aid and FASFA offices and straighten it out. I'm sure it was just a mistake.</p>

<p>these things happen.........</p>

<p>disadvantages of the "system."</p>

<p>Pay your damn tuition</p>

<p>i dont get why posters are questioning the email, because it looks fine.
And I'm not sure if auto dropping your courses is always the case, I always thought they would be on hold until you pay off the balance on your account. Anyway it's not really your school's fault. Clear it up asap.</p>

<p>Can't you check your course schedule online?</p>

<p>at least your school didn't hold you back in math for 3 years just because the teachers didn;t like you, even though you had one of the highest grades in the class</p>

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