My school only offers IB, and that only to juniors and seniors...

<p>Actually, we can take IB math prior to junior/senior year. Nonetheless, IB tests in my school are only taken in senior year, so I won't have any results by the time I'm applying to colleges. Will this negatively impact my applications to schools like MIT? (I was thinking of taking AP tests to get around this.)</p>

<p>No, this won't negatively impact your application. MIT will look at your grades and coursework in the context of your school.</p>

<p>Beyond that, a lot of schools offer only IB, and MIT understands that. The same thing usually holds true for A-levels. Don't worry about it. MIT does understand how this works. Of course if you had a largely poor secondary school record, but planned to overcome this with a 45 on the IB, then you may be in some trouble, and you really need your teachers to comment on how realistic this plan is using their letters of recommendation.</p>