My Score

<p>Alrite so I just took the first test out of the blue book and achieved a raw score of 60 (CR), 42 (M), and 45 (W).</p>

<p>The scores range from 660-760, 610-670, and 700-800 respectively.</p>

<p>So what's my score, because it could be anything from 1970 to 2230. </p>


<p>Excellent scores, but it really depends on what grade you gave your essay. Assuming you're a good writer (10 on essay), you should pull somewhere around a 2080.</p>

<p>You're very fortunate. We are similar in that we share the same strength in writing, but opposite in that math is my next best and CR is my worst. Math is the easiest subject to learn and improve.</p>

<p>I had 51 (CR), 48 (M) and 45 (W) on the first bluebook test.</p>

<p>Thanks so much for the input. I guess adding the two scores and dividing by two gives a similar score - 2100.</p>