My situation as a sophomore

<p>I'm a sophomore at a California HS who wants to get into UC Berkeley or UCLA.</p>

<p>My current grades for the first semester:</p>

<p>English 10 (required) - A
Newspaper - A
Spanish 3 - A
World History (required) - A
Chemistry Honors - A-
Algebra 2 Honors - B</p>

<p>The B in Alg2H stands out a ton, because UCs don't count it as an honors class, so it's a 3.0. However, I think the reason I'm getting a B is because it took me a long time to adjust and now I'm digging myself out of a hole. I don't have much concern about second semester, and I think I can get an A in Alg2H second semester.</p>

<p>My question: Will this B hurt me a ton in the long run and severely decrease my chances of getting into Berkeley, even if I get 4.0 or 5.0 in every class junior year (5.0 meaning an A in an honors or AP class)? I plan on attempting to get a 4.2 or 4.3 weighted UC GPA.</p>