My situation please help

<p>I would like to ask for people to not look down upon me. I am a smart guy. I remember taking a official IQ test a few years back and scoring a 129. I don't really know but i was told that is high. On to the point though. I am a sophomore currently in high school and i am realizing all my mistakes. I know its a little late but i need to step up my game and i would like to go to a decent college. Perhaps the university of IL or something equivalent. At the moment i get B's and C's in most of my classes and this is because in the past i have rarely done my homework. I get A's on the majority of my tests and never bellow a B on them but it is because of my lack of homework completion that they are so low. Currently my grades are mid c's for the most part but with finals coming i should be able to raise them to B's with a few hours of review. So what i am asking here is will colleges accept improvement. </p>

<p>Also if this helps i am also very good with computers and math. I built my computer and i am currently teaching myself how to program in Java. I want to go into computer science. </p>

<p>Thanks to anyone who is able to help me.</p>

<p>Also now realizing I need to change, I plan and i will go into next year with a better attitude and get my homework done. With that i should have A's and B's seeing that i already get A's on tests most of the time.</p>