My Son is considering a Gap Year!

My Son got admitted to ASU Barrett’s and is considering a gap year given the current situation.
He sent an application for deferral to ASU and is waiting to hear back from them.
My question is,how can he,in the meantime increase his chances of getting into UT Austin,UC Berkeley.
He had a GPA of 3.7 and SAT score 1400.He is looking forward to make the most of this Gap Year by doing some community work and working part time.
Please guide since we have no idea what would be the best thing to do for him to get admission in those colleges.


If he gets a deferral isn’t he obligated to attend the school?

I’m confused; did he already apply to UCB and UTD this past year and get rejected, or did he not apply and is hoping to apply during his deferral “gap” year from ASU

You’re really asking how to keep a place at one college while trying to game things to your advantage for Fall 2021.

He can increase his chances by going to a community college in Texas or California and getting great grades. He is unlikely to get into Cal with his grades and test scores as they are. I don’t know about UTA, but I suspect it’s the same. Or he can start at ASU Barret and get great grades.

I suggest you look at their website and see what they say about deferral.

IMHO taking a gap year and applying for 2021 admission cycle is of no help. Because

  1. Current high school seniors don't have the option of a gap year at their school and they all certainly apply for 2021.
  2. I don't think colleges reduce the number of admits for 2021 to accommodate gap year students. Otherwise colleges lose lot of money. Colleges are not reducing the tution fees even though they are going online.
  3. I don't think colleges encourage gap year unless it is highly warranted.
  4. If you're reapplying to Berkeley after rejection in 2020, then it is unlikely to get admitted in 2021 as competition will be the same or more. College like Berkeley is not a safety school for anyone in any academic year.

Having a part time job and community service will not make him a more competitive applicant for UCB. ASU Barrett for CS is a great option and I would encourage him to start this year instead of taking a Gap year and not hope to get into a Reach school. His GPA and test scores will not change for the next application cycle so not sure what he hopes to gain by waiting another year. Also will ASU allow him to defer and still apply to other schools during his Gap year, definitely double check.??

Also if your S defers he is no longer guaranteed admission into Barrett for CS so he would be taking a big risk. Per the website: “The admission deferment only guarantees admission into the university and not necessarily admission to a particular major or program of study.”

Also, even if he is allowed to apply to other colleges (and I don’t know if that it the case) it is highly unlikely that a year of community service or a part-time job will gain him admission to a college that denied him this past cycle.

I’d take the admission to CS at ASU Barrett and make the most of it. He can always try to transfer if he is not happy there (FWIW the few people I know who have gone to ASU have enjoyed their years there).

If he defers admission, it is not a gap year; it is deferred enrollment.

If he wants to take a gap year, he needs to decline all offers of admission and re-apply next year. Unless he is doing something extraordinary in the interim, he will not be in a better position next year (if anything, he will be less competitive).

If he defers enrollment (not all schools will allow him to do this; many schools –– especially public universities –– will not), he is obligated to go to the school for which he deferred enrollment.