My son was just offered admission to UCR...

<p>He did not apply to UCR and was rejected from UCSD, UCI, and UCSB. His major is mechanical engineering. We've already paid his SIR to Cal Poly Pomona, but I thought for sure that if he was offered admission to a UC it would be Merced. </p>

<p>The email he received today invited him to attend an event...I can't remember what it was called, but I think it's coming up soon.</p>

<p>@akadavidsmom, The event is called Highlander Day and will occur on April 10th. Here is more information: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I wish I was offered admission to UCR :( The only one I've been offered admission to is UC Merced, and it's way too far.</p>

<p>^Thanks Mr. Qwerty! I'll check out that link.</p>

<p>Carriedto2400- Awww, he just received the email today, maybe you'll get one too?</p>

<p>DS received the same email today. He didn't apply to UCR either, but was rejected UCB and waitlisted UCSD. He's probably going private.</p>

<p>I got that email too! It was about Highlander Day, but I never applied! They've even sent me a postcard about that event in the past. Does that mean I was accepted or something? I heard if you don't get into a UC, they'll offer you admission to Riverside or Merced, but I was admitted to Davis and Irvine...</p>

<p>It's true, if the UC schools you apply to all reject you, UCR and UCM end up getting your application and they choose if the school would like to offer you a place to attend. Not everyone gets into UCR from what it seems, but I had this offer last year and it wasn't bad attending UCR at all.
The engineering at UCR is up and coming. It's small, but not bad at all. It's called the Bourns College of Engineering (BCOE) and they do whatever to help the students to succeed and meet people they can get help from but in the end it's what the student makes of his or her time.</p>