My sophomore schedule Help pleasie :D

<p>I will most likely take algebra 2/trig at a local community college before 10th grade before the summer as well as a drawing class</p>

<p>H Eng 10
H Math Analysis (counts as an ap, it is trig/precalc)
Ap Bio
Ap Euro
Span 2
Tennis Team
Ap Psych, Ap enviro, or Ap Geo This is my main concern i will have 6 periods, 7 with tennis team, and not sure if i can handle another ap, which will let be have 8 periods. I am thinking about signing up for it and if its too much i can drop it and take it at a community college which would be much easier but it would count as less.</p>

<p>After school i got:
Tennis Team, Science bowl, and maybe robotics team (this depends if i drop the 3rd ap and such)</p>

<p>What would you guys recommend i do?</p>

<p>Currently i am taking
H Geom
H eng 9
H bio
H world history
Span 1 (my school dosent offer honors spanish)</p>

<p>Life skills and health at a community college
I have all A's and i never study and finish most of my h.w in 1-2 hours, and i maintain the only A in my english and bio class cause i got really hard teachers. I am just showing how efficient i am in schoolwork, so you can take that into account. Thank you so much! ;D</p>