My SSAT Scores... Should I retake?

<p>I took the SSATs in December and did well, but not excellent. I think I will be getting great recommendations, I am a straight-A students, and have pretty good out of school activities. </p>

Math - 98th percentile
Verbal - 90th percentile
Reading - 78th
Overall - 94th percentile</p>

<p>I have trouble reading under pressure, which is why my reading score is significantly lower than the others, but with a retake I guess it could be improved. I am applying to a few rigorous high schools in the Boston Area... and I don't know if my reading score with really affect me. What do you think?? Thanks!</p>

<p>define rigorous...</p>

<p>day schools (not boarding) but milton, concord, a few others</p>

<p>honestly I think your fine i got the same overall score and a low reading score too</p>