my stats and my deferral

<p>There's AM, and there's AM. Last yr in the ED round, Columbia seemed particularly interested in Asians from under-represented segments, especially those newly arrived or First Generation. An Asian-American who has grown up here, or who has economically-comfortable and/or educated parents, will not be seen in the same priority light in the Early Round as a different category of Asian -- such as an internat'l.</p>

<p>Point 2:
When submitting any additional materials or reiterating interest in C in the RD round, keep in mind the identity of that University. This is important. Columbia will assume that since you live in NJ, it is likely that you will apply to Princeton RD & may assume that you are a cross-admit. You will need to articulate what appeals to you about C versus other Ivies, or to repeat that in a different way if you have already expressed it. (If you don't, you may end up wait-listed to C, because they'll assume you may be accepted to P.) Review their published materials (web, paper). Note what they emphasize. Express or re-express how you fit in academically (in specific terms relative to their core and your academic strengths) & <em>why</em> you fit in "socially" in their diverse, very globally represented student community.</p>

<p>Yes, bandit_tx, I think my post that followed yours probably tangentially alluded to that, LOL. That's why it's important for tidal to be specific & focused on any subsequent communication with C. </p>

<p>And Yes, it could have been what you say, garland, but I do notice that C has strengthened its priority on diversity both last year -- since your S was admitted -- & this yr. The higher the combination of SES/geography factors and Statement of Purpose in interview, rec, essay, other connections, the more likely the student will be an admit in the Early Round. Tidal has no control over the former, but some control over the latter, even at this juncture.</p>

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<p>Look at annandale's reply. This is an excellent point. Ivies differ in their deferral/rejection standards. Some Ivies are more "cowardly," shall we say, or others would call them merely irritatingly polite. Not true for Columbia. If they defer you, that means you are a serious candidate in RD round.</p>

<p>That means that tidal needs to be unambiguous in further communication with C, in showing interest, in showing how his profile & cumulative experience will be an asset to the Columbia student body, will promote Columbia's mission, & what he hopes to gain from a C education.</p>

<p>Isn't Tufts Syndrome turning down students that a college thinks are using them as a safety, so that the yield will be high? I don't get how that would be a factor in the ED round, since every applicant has committed to go if accepted.</p>

<p>The ED round is where universities grab the applicants they just don't want to take a chance on getting away. Those are the ones that strike them as unique in some way, or that strike them as uniquely filling some niche in the class that needs to be filled. (They sure do need some good football players.) Unfortunately, excellent students are not unique and Columbia can reliably assume that they will see even more of them in the RD round. But, as people have pointed out, the OP will have a new advantage in that round -- he has demonstrated that Columbia was his first choice. If he adds evidence that it remains his first choice, that would give him an edge over the other high scorers who would choose other Ivies over Columbia. So, the RD round would be where Tufts Syndrome, as I understand it, might enter the picture. (Though I don't believe yield is still a category in USNWR rankings, which is what originally drove the syndrome.)</p>

<p>I was thinking the same thing--tufts syndrome doesn't apply to ED applications. I also agree with sac, that the fact that the OP applied Ed will help in the RD round from falling victim to that. And agreeing with all, C takes its deferrals very seriously; not just a face saving gesture.</p>

<p>Tidal - Come to Princeton! They are putting all kinds of emphasis on "In the Nation's Service" these days....</p>

<p>Tidal, you were the one kid from our school that applied to the two schools that found out yesterday that I was surprised about. I honestly couldn't believe it when I heard you were deferred...don't worry though man, doing the other apps does suck, but you'll get into a good school somewhere :-/</p>

<p>It is extremely hard to point to reasons why one gets ACCEPTED, but it is virtually impossible to pinpoint the exact reasons behind a deferral.</p>

<p>Since there is nothing that can be done about it, the only option is to stay the course and make every RD application count.</p>

<p>Sorry, but what is Tuft's Syndrome?</p>

<p>... never mind .. i was still on the first page when the question hit me.</p>

<p>holy crap.....i can't believe u got defered!!!!!!!! i have no hope anymore. lol they are much more selective with asian males though. damnnnn. well, if i ever started a college, i'd accept you ^_~</p>

<p>some stuff i prob didnt say:</p>

<p>the teachers @ our school have an unwritten policy that they wont write the rec as well if we dont waive our rights to see the rec - so i never know good the recs were. but those teachers like me.</p>

<p>interview is prob one of the best parts of my app. we were tight and vibed. we kept emailing and he read my essay and stuff. when i told him the decision he wrote another rxtra 2 page paper to columbia to support me in RD.</p>

<p>but im cool with it, just working on other apps now.</p>

<p>i wish u all the best! u'll definately get in. one of my classmates got into columbia clue y she got accepted, but hey, the process is ><.</p>

<p>GOOD LUCK =D</p>

<p>Hmm, did it ever occur to you that maybe you don't know her as well as you think you do? It doesn't sound like you two are friends. If your classmate got accepted to Columbia, then she's obviously got it going on. It's a folly in life to underestimate people.</p>

<p>Oh, and =) right back at you.</p>

<p>she really doesn't know that "classmate" well...</p>

<p>Thanks for saying that in my stead, Alumother. I was about to come back & mention that -- regarding P & community service. (But again, OP, all the more reason to reiterate your fit for C in this round; service has become imp. to P., too, & C would be aware of that). No need to beg them or flood them. A restatement in a diff. way, and an extra such as already been done by your interviewer, will go a long way in themselves. Please understand the difference between deferral & rejection, & as annandale said in another thread -- the deferral bar for <em>Columbia</em>.</p>

<p>It's a natural tendency, myself included, to equate deferral with "second best" or also-ran. Deferral means that you are in the same pool as the RD candidates, but with the additional boost that you have shown early preference for the school. It means also that at least you know you have passed the first round of acceptability. ED is about the school's category priorities, mainly. </p>

<p>And no, Tufts Syndrome wouldn't apply here. Something similar to that <em>could</em> apply to any candidate if every other deferred ED'er showed follow-up during the RD round with the exception of that hypothetical candidate. But that isn't happening here. Also, I've heard of deferrees getting in RD with barely any whisper of a follow-up. In this case it would be more a situation of C assuming that this student is a likely Y and P admit, i.m.o. (Swat Syndrome, but we won't go there.)</p>

<p>why is there such a big deal being made about this person's deferral?</p>

<p>It seems to me that a likely reason that you got deffered because you probably resemble the "stereotypical" asian applicant with the same ec's as most asians: math and classical music.</p>

<p>You didnt differentiate yourself. Columbia probably received hundreds of apps that looked the same as yours.</p>

<p>my apologys tidal, i didnt read the posts carefully enough. i see now why theres a lot of debate surrounding your deferral.</p>

<p>i agree that your asian male factor is a huge disadvantage.</p>

<p>DiamondT-why don't you read the OP's stuff more carefully? i looked at it more carefully and he had initiated and organized some big fundraisers. he did it a couple times too so it shows passion in organizing large scale fundraisers. his extensive volunteer work (autism stuff) shows that, with his fundraisers, he was very focused on community work. He had stats and jazz credentials and all, but i don't think he is your stereotypical asian male applicant. thats what i think.</p>

<p>I don't quite agree with Diamond. Tidal has a lot more community service (& initiative in that regard) than many applicants that he seems to resemble. And I think that's a major reason that C will be reconsidering him. Community involvement, including internationally, is very imp. to C.</p>

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