My stats and such. thanks for looking :)

<p>The link to ******* doesn't seem to work...blah. Here is my info for easy access. copy and pasted of course. </p>

<p>Input on Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Penn, Lehigh and Brown. RD chances for columbia, Penn, Lehigh and Brown. I know that college admissions is crazy hard for these schools, and I feel like I'm giving in by posting my stats, but I guess I just want to hear what you guys have to say.</p>

<p>My SAT's are 1520, SAT 2's are 760 us history, 750 writing, and I took chemistry and math 2c in october. probably around the same scores as the other two.</p>

<p>This is copied and pasted from my ******* site, my username is Nealious. </p>

<p>Extracurricular Info</p>

<li>Student Council (9,10,11,12) Elected to office by student body, also administrate class website and making progress on it </li>
<li>School Paper (9,10,11,12) Editorial/Political Editor, paper recognized for editorial/Article series on the War on Iraq and center spread on local caf's and restaurants
-DECA (9,10,11,12) State Champion and Top 3 in State, Two-Time National Qualifier, Three-Time Regional Champion </li>
<li>FBLA (10,11,12) Top 10 in State, 2 times regional Champion and state qualifier </li>
<li>Science Olympiad (9,10,11,12) State Champion and National Qualifier, Three Time Regional Champion, my school team didnt qualify as a whole for nationals though </li>
<li>Debate Team (9,10,11,12) Captain, last few years team was district champion and one of the top in region, hopefully this will continue next year </li>
<li>Young Republicans/ Young Democrats (10,11,12) help organize both, but neither are very solid clubs (school is sort of politically apathetic) </li>
<li>Political Science Network (11,12) - created online network for students at school to interact, post opinions, and contribute their ideas, takes effort </li>
<li>Weightlifting Team (9,10,11,12) - Big fan of working out, and work with other students through both community service and school program </li>

<p>Awards and Recognition Worth Noting </p>

<li>Accepted and Attended Pennsylvania Governor's School of International Studies - absolutely amazing experience </li>
<li>Emerging Community Leader - Selected by Principal and PSU to meet with local politicians and attend seminars </li>
<li>State Champion Science Olympiad "Science of Fitness" Event </li>
<li>State Qualifier/Top 10 in FBLA "Emerging Business Issues" Event </li>
<li>State Champion DECA Marketing Club "International Business Plan Event" </li>
<li>State/National Qualifier in Marketing Club "E-Commerce Business Plan Event" </li>
<li>Debate Regional Champion </li>
<li>Best Editorial for article titled "War in Iraq" in Student Newspaper </li>
<li>National Merit Semi-finalist (230) </li>
<li>Lehigh University High School Scholar - Selected among regional students to recieve scholarship to take college classes at Lehigh during Fall and Spring semesters </li>
<li>International Foreign Language Award - Highest Grades in AP Language Courses </li>
<li>Ayn Rand Award for essay on capitalism and interpretation of Ayn Rand books (pending) </li>
<li>Pennsylvania Math League various recognitions</li>

<p>i guess none noteworthy essays and recommendations also. They won't get me in, but they'll be good.</p>

<p>GPA and class rank???</p>

<p>Sorry, slipped my mind as I copied the PRstat site. ranked top 3% of about 450. My GPA weighted is a 4.5. All the AP's plus 2 college classes this year (econ and calc 2). AP's include physics, calc, english, government, statistics, spanish, and history.</p>

<p>By 'all the AP's', i mean all the AP's at my school offered.</p>

<p>Yale, Harvard - reaches, of course. I think you might be looking at odds of around 15% or higher rather than the overall 10% admit rate.</p>

<p>Columbia, Penn - I think you are a strong candidate at these, and think you will be admitted to at least one if your essays are good and you have good rec's.
Lehigh - in
Brown - this is hard to predict. If you look at their site, you see that they are fond of admitting val's and sal's. But they also take a reasonable number from the top 5%. I think that your chances at Brown are also a bit higher than their overall 15%.</p>

<p>If you are happy with Lehigh as your fallback option, and if all of these schools truly are the best for your programs of interest ... your list is a bit risky but probably not excessively so. If you were my kid, I would be encouraging (nagging?) you to add another strong match school to the list in case your rec's aren't so hot or you get a back case of senoritis. It's important to have options even if things don't go as planned.</p>

<p>wah. bowled over. I think you stand as good a chance as anyone.</p>

<p>Thanks Ohio mom. I already was admitted to Penn State and University of Pittsburgh - two schools that I would enjoy attending. So I'm aiming a little bit higher in December. Senioritis...its slowly coming upon us.</p>

<p>Congrats on your admits to Penn Sate and UPitt! One of the top kids from my son's hs is at Penn State and really likes it (his college fund was in the stock market a little too long....). Aim high, and best wishes to you.</p>