My super amazing college essay topic(?)

<p>Hey guys, so I am a junior and the whole college hype is just starting for me - this is my idea for my college essay, tell me what you guys think:</p>

<p>I want to write about my record collection, how I see my record player as a "time machine", and how I feel like I am going back in time whenever I handle my records.
They are classic rock vinyl records, and I also want to mention how people usually won't associate me, an African-American teenager, with classic rock 60s/70s/80s records.
I also want to tie in my love of the past into this...</p>

<p>comments/suggestions? The topic might seem a bit chaotic, I'd like to know how to make it more of a straight line essay instead of a random and, well - chaotic.</p>

<p>I think it sounds like a fabulous topic. I have the same sort of reaction to antique books. I like to imagine the lives of the people who used to read them. The theme of records could be used as a vehicle for exploring so many issues: </p>

<p>Juxtaposing the lives of African American then and today.</p>

<p>1968... Our country was in crisis. How does your life as a student differ from that of a student living then. (check out top albums from 1968)</p>

<p>Records are a throw back in an age of Ipods and playlists. Are you are throw back to a different time? Are your goals and priorities different from your peers?</p>

<p>Good luck. I'd love to read the essay once you get something fleshed out.</p>

<p>Thanks - I really like that last suggestion about how records are a throw-back.
I can tie that in to how I am so old-fashioned compared to my friends 0_o
thank you!
Definitely going to start drafting my essay; I hope to have it ready by the end of the summer.</p>

<p>I think that topic would show yourself well to the reader and I think it would also make a very interesting topic. Go for it.</p>

<p>Pretty good idea, but make sure to make it personal.</p>