My teacher accused me of Plaigerism

<p>Hello I'm new to this forum and have some concerns.
please help me!!
I registered for an online world history class and I thought it was going to be a breeze.
I never had this type of problem from any teachers, but this one teacher defies it all. His grading is very abnormal. My research paper consist of 50% total of my grade. The first one is equal to 20% and the 2nd research is 30%. So, here is the problem he teaches 3 history class and gives us 10 topics to choose from. He gave us questions which we had to answer on the research paper. My first topic I chose was St. Augustine, however I couldn't find any books at my local library. My second choice was Franklin Roosevelt and all the books were checked out. I could only find books about Eleanor Roosevelt so I chose this topic instead. Inside the book were a bunch of sticky notes with question numbers on it (Q1, Q2) inserted in different pages. I didn't pay attention to the sticky notes, and continue writing. I submitted my paper, but I forgot to fix my work cite. SO i went to the library and submitted my paper at the last second. I save my paper on the school library computer. It was my first mistake and I regret it dearly. My teacher accused me of copying from another student and gave me a big fat 0. lol This really bother me and I went to see the dean. However, The teachers told me not to see the Dean as he will freeze my account and I won't be able to register for classes for two semesters. On top of that the word Plaigerism would always remain on my transcript. My boyfriend told me he met the girl that posted sticky notes in the book. She got a 0 for plaigerism too and went to the dean. A couple of days later my boyfriend track down the guy who copied my paper on the school library. He confess to copying it and the teacher change my grade. This does not end here. I worked hard on my second research paper. It took my 3 days to finish it and I included 5 references. I cited each sentences using my own word. However, the teacher gave me a 60 and said I plaigerised. He stated I copied information and quotes from the text. He even said i didn't cite any of my work. I need a solution please because I can't argue with him. He's not reasonable man at all. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME</p>

<p>My first research paper he change my grade to a 100 when the other student confess. However, my 2nd research grade still remains the same. Maybe he thought I plaigerise because my grades are too high and this is an online class. First he think I copy from another student, then he thinks I copy from the text book.</p>

<p>I'll call your teacher and try to straighten him out.</p>

<p>In the meantime, I strongly recommend that you look up the process for appealing something like this at your school. If you got any kind of student handbook from this college, it should be there. It could also be on the college's website. Failing that, you should talk to the school's administration as soon as possible. I know your professor threatened to stop you from registering for other classes in the future, but right now you are at an impasse and you have to do something or else you'll be in this same problem forever.</p>