My test proctor was an IDIOT

<p>Our SAT II Group spent nearly 4 hours in that classroom. The retarded proctor first called time after 20 of the listening portion, saying that all the language exams were finished. When we argued that we still had the written portion to do, he never called time after that, giving everyone an hour and fifty minutes to do the language exams. Then he started collecting the test books itself and said the books for other exams (math, writing, etc) never arrived. Again, we informed him that ALL the tests were in the same book. So he spent another ten minutes passing them back to the rightful owners! He also said we had 40 minutes in total for the math II section. Sorry to be mean, he was SO clueless it was unbelievable.</p>

<p>Anyways, how did your tests go? How'd you do on the Writing exam? (arts vs sciences)</p>

<p>hehe nice story</p>

<p>what was the writing topic this month?</p>

<p>You had to discuss whether arts and sciences are separate</p>