My Tisch Drama Chances?

<p>Im a junior. my gpa this year is 2.9
Next year I am sure that my first semester will be much higher. I did not know GPA was important so this year I did not study… such a bad desicion!
I will make my GPA 3.0+…
and SAT 1850 or so…
If I audition well, will I get it?
Oh and… I take photography, make short films and write-compose songs! also sing… are these a plus when applying to drama? Also knowing fluent french…</p>

<p>I'm not an expert, but I'd say that, just from reading around, you'll definitely need to work hard. </p>

<p>The GPA normally accepted is around 3.7, and auditioning well is more of a hope than anything. I don't think that photography or short films will help if you want to get into drama. Writing & composing songs might help, but maybe not unless you're going into specifically playwriting. I don't think French would directly influence your chances, but it can't hurt them.</p>

<p>Like I said, I'm not an expert, just another Junior who wants to get into Tisch!</p>

<p>Well, I will be attending Tisch Drama in the fall and go to an art school and have seen the trend of kids accepted into tisch. I know some of the most talented kids who had grades similar to yours and did not get in, and I have also seen kids who weren't as naturally gifted but have stellar grades and got in, it all depends. One of my friends had around a 2.9 for most of highschool and finally turned it round 1st semester senior year and graduated with a 3.3 and she got in so its safe to say that NYU definitely looks highly upon improvements.</p>

<p>You need to improve your GPA, to be honest, otherwise you probably won't get in. The composing songs, photography, french, etc. are almost completely irrelevant to the audition process. Focus on grades and your audition material. And look at some other schools, too, because Tisch weights grades as 50%.</p>