My transfer chances at the top 25?

Interesting. A high school GPA like yours with test scores like yours should have been a red flag, but OK. Anyway, have you run the NPC on the schools on your list?

I completely agree, UMA has a good undergrad business programs that could potentially lead you towards a great MBA program. However, in my case, some of the companies I wish to work at just don’t care about students from UMA

I have not checked the NPC. The reason my SAT score is a “red flag” of sorts is because In senior year I would just study the scatterplots to see if there were any last hopes for me in terms of admission. I noticed that students with low GPAs were able to secure admission with high SATs so I took about 18 days spread throughout 3 months to study all day and night for the test. So yea I got the score but with hours and hours of hard work

I promise you there are Isenberg undergrads working as investment bankers, and at respected consulting firms. Go look on LinkedIn.


And the honest truth is that there were 10-20 kids with 1500+ at my school with GPAs of 3.0-3.5. It is just that my freshman GPA is making me look a hell of a lot worse

So you can’t pay $20k/yr for UMass or you don’t think it’s worth it? A school you can’t afford shouldn’t be considered a “safety.”


You are completely right; There are a good handful of UMA grads working in top firms. It would just be slightly disappointing to spend 2 years going full effort just to end up at the same place I got in from HS.

All you can do is control what you can control and keep working hard. Get good grades in CC, like you did first semester. Shoot your shot at some schools that only take soph transfers. If it doesn’t work out, transfer for junior year.

What type of job do you have lined up for this summer? If you don’t have one yet, talk to the CC career center and go from there.

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I don’t think it’s worth it IMO. If I wait two years to go, I save 40 thousand.

I will actually be doing an internship in India. And again, thanks for the constant support!


Congrats on your accomplishments! If your “worst case scenario” is UMass Amherst, you’re in great shape!

Have you run the Net Price Calculators for all of these schools? I’m unclear on how you could possibly pay for UT Austin as an out of state student. The other three OOS publics on your list do have need-based aid for OOS students (only for very low income at UMich so make sure you qualify), but it behooves you to run the numbers and make sure they would even work. USC meets need but I have seen many low-income students express shock at how stingy their aid packages turned out to be in comparison to other schools, so definitely do your research on whether it would be affordable for you.

There’s a wide range of transfer acceptance rates on this list. These schools may also vary in terms of being need-blind or need-aware for transfer students. Make sure you know what you’re dealing with at each school, specifically with regard to transfer admissions. (And understand that the OOS transfer acceptance rates will be much lower at UMich, UVA, UNC, and even Cornell.)

For the schools that are the biggest long shots, waiting another year will make more sense. If there are some that you only marginally prefer over UMass but are just hoping to accomplish the transfer sooner, go ahead and shoot your shot and see what happens. For example, maybe it’s worth giving Northeastern a try - the better to get into the co-op pipeline earlier - even though getting in as a sophomore might be hard.

Have you considered Emory? They do not consider freshman grades, so your HS transcript wouldn’t be as much of a liability - maybe a good need-met school to try for a sophomore-transfer.

How about Babson? They might really love your entrepreneurial record, and you might really enjoy their approach to business education. Excellent school that meets need… and they take both fall and spring transfers, so you could also compromise and apply in the fall for sophomore spring.

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All the information you gave here is awesome. I completely forgot to take in account the out-of-state admission rate so thank you for reminding me about that. I will definitely look into Emery as that is a school I’m starting to get interested in now. Just overall phenomenal advice and thank you for helping‼️


I will definitely shorten the list. I just wanted to see if there’s some schools on this list that I should not even bother considering. For example, you are 100% right. UT Austin would not be the right move.