My transfer chances at the top 25?

College: Bunker Hill Community College
College GPA: 4.00 (I am a freshman)
High School weighted GPA: 2.67
SAT: 1510(math 800)(English 710)
High School: Boston Latin School (Harvard magnet school)

High School Freshman GPA: 0.97
High School Sophomore GPA: 2.97
High School Junior GPA: 3.34
High School Senior GPA: 3.40

Extra Information:

  • Personal Statement: How my father going missing in the 9th grade motivated me to start a Custom Mini Bike business in the 10th grade to support my single mother
  • Attended a renowned high school but did poorly in it
  • AP Macroeconomics test (5)
  • AP Microeconomics Test (5)
  • Single mother income under $65,000
  • 100+ hours Volunteering
  • Harvard extension school Principles of Economics course completed with an A
  • Have a piece written about my small business in The Allston/Brighton TAB (small newspaper article)
  • Volunteered for Vice Principal
  • Internship at VHB headquarters
  • recommendation from math department head
  • Professor Research Assistant at Brandeis University
  • Had a real estate internship in the summer
  • Have a Youtube channel for my small Business (StreetRiders Republic)
  • Business Leaders of tomorrow scholarship(don’t know if this matters)
  • Website for my small business where I sell products

I did poorly in high school but does anyone know which schools here are out of reach?

  1. UPenn Wharton
    Major: Finance
    Minor: Psychology

  2. Harvard
    Major: Economics
    Minor: MBB (Mind, Brain, and Body)

  3. Boston University
    Major:Business Administration and management
    Minor: Psychology

  4. University of Southern California
    Major: Business Administration
    Minor: Psychology

  5. University of Michigan
    Major: Finance
    Minor: Economics

  6. Northeastern
    Major: Business administration and Psychology
    Minor: Consulting

  7. Northwestern
    Major: Economics
    Minor: Psychology

  8. UNC Chapel Hill
    Major: Business Administration
    Minor: Cognitive Science

  9. University of Texas Austin
    Major: Finance
    Minor: Sociology

  10. University of Virginia
    Major: Finance
    Minor: Psychology

  11. Vanderbilt
    Major: Economics
    Minor: Psychology

  12. Notre Dame
    Major: Finance
    Minor: Psychology

  13. Cornell
    Major: Applied economics and management
    Minor: Psychology

I encourage you to wait another year before applying as a transfer, in order to further prove that you can succeed in college classes.

Although you had a great first semester at Bunker Hill, one semester is not enough to overcome your HS GPA, IMO.

When you do apply to transfer, you will need to have match schools as well as at least one affordable safety school, in addition to these reaches.

You might consider cutting down on the number of reaches, the applications and essays will be quite a bit of work. Not to mention the schools you listed don’t have much in common besides prestige…take time to think about where you will succeed and what type of environment would be best. Good luck.


Thank you for the reply. I agree with the idea of waiting one more year to prove that I can keep the grades up; however, would you suggest that I apply this year and if I get denied apply again?

Second @Mwfan1921’s advice. It appears you’re targeting the business schools at many of your choices which will make admission even more competitive. If you haven’t already, please check if there are requirements or limitations on transferring.

For example: From Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business

External transfers must matriculate as a first semester sophomore into the Mendoza College of Business.

All transfer students are expected to complete, at a minimum, a semester of Calculus, Statistics and Principles of Microeconomics prior to the start of the sophomore year.

Also if I remember correctly, UPenn Wharton only accepts sophomore transfers.

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Congratulations on your academic performance at CC so far.

Another vote for waiting a year. From BLS profile you were at the bottom of your HS GPA profile…

Time and continued academic excellence is your friend.

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Thanks for the reply! I am targeting business schools as my priority solely because

  1. I am actually interested in management consulting and private equity
  2. I believe my story of the small business would be somewhat unique in the business applicant pool

I made sure to check my requirements for all the business schools so I think I have all the prerequisites completed. You are correct, Wharton only accepts sophomore transfer hence I am applying in freshman year.

Thank you for the reply! Although, I have one question. Should I apply this year and if I get rejected apply again in sophomore year?

I would wait. Conventional wisdom Is that it is harder to gain acceptance if rejected once.

I also think the schools you are aspiring to are “reaches” so you will need a track record to give yourself a fighting chance. I would also identify some other schools that may not be as selective to ensure that you have some options.

Honestly good luck and don’t get down!! You dug a hole freshman year but are doing some impressive things.

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I’d like to thank you for all the help. I am enrolled in a bridge program in which if I get more than a 3.0 at CC for 2 years, I am guaranteed admission at UMass Amherst. The 2 reasons I attended CC-

  1. I plan to finish college as close to debt free as possible
  2. The bridge program where I get to attend CC for free and guarantee admissions at my local state school

I think your energies are better spent continuing with a 4.0 at CC, transferring to UMass and maintaining that high level of academic excellence, looking for great internships and other opportunities, and then working and/or applying to a top MBA program.

Transfer acceptance rates in general are often lower than freshman acceptance rates. For business programs at some of these schools, it’s incredibly hard to transfer in even at that college.

Save your money for grad school. Getting merit and aid at these colleges is often hard for transfer students, too.

Good luck!

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Your mother’s income is also a factor because a number of these schools costs more than her annual income.
As a transfer, your financial aid will be an issue. Can you pay $75K per year plus travel and insurance? Transfers typically receive little to minimal aid.

If you apply with your current stats now, your HS GPA will be considered AND, if you are rejected and reapply, you’ll get the same answer. The schools don’t like to change their original answer so your chances are better with more CC behind you.

Pick some safeties-affordable with chances of admissions and that you would be happy to attend. There are too many schools here that are competitive reaches, with students who do have the perfect stats from HS and college.

Don’t forget, some schools need spaces for transfers, which means that some students have to leave/transfer/drop the school to make space for new transfers

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Thanks for the reply! I am aware of the safety school I would be ok with attending as I am in a bridge program. If I get a 3.0+ I am guaranteed admission at UMass Amherst so I guess that works if all else fails lol

Students who successfully transfer into top private colleges typically receive, by policy, need-based financial assistance equivalent to that offered to any other student.

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Thanks! I was wondering about that policy. It would be hard to believe that transfer students would be excluded from receiving need based aid

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It’s typically need as seen by the college. There are loans included in a number of the packages. This student needs to check the NPC’s. There are only 5 schools that meet complete need. Those schools are tough reaches.

The other 20, need will be assessed by the college. The OP needs to be aware if budget is limited.

There are over 100 colleges that meet full need, some may include the Federal Direct Student loan ($27K max over 4 years of undergrad) in the FA packages, as well as other ‘self-help’ requirements such as work-study or mandatory summer earnings.

Meet full need schools also meet full need for transfers (but do double check on each school’s website).

ALL meet full need colleges calculate a family’s need based on their own internal formula.

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If all else fails? UMass Isenberg is a reach for you at the moment. The Mass Transfer pipeline program would give you a shot at a very strong undergraduate business school option, and you’ll need those two years in CC regardless.


You need to align your expectations with your academic record. You should count your lucky stars should you get into Isenberg.

I got into Isenburg in HS……
I just was not ready to go to a school where I would be paying upwards of 20k each year.
And the program guarantees admission if you have a GPA of 3.0 so I’m not sure where the reach part is coming from

You can achieve all of your goals from Isenberg, should things work out that way. More importantly, will it be affordable for junior and senior years?