My trip to NOLA and Mississippi

<p>Had to see the storm damage for myslef before it is all repaired. I must say I was amazed by the extent of damage in NOLA. Most of the area north and east of downtown including well into the burbs is a virtual wasteland of moslty vacant homes and commercial buildings. Many of the homes we saw were not small homes of the poor but large nice suburban homes worth well over $300,000K. One thing that has been done is that most have been gutted and the wet contents cleaned out. Many have For Sale signs--so many that it would take years to sell them and who is buying??</p>

<p>The Miss coast was really wiped out. Most homes and businesses from Pass Christian to Biloxi were gone and just slabs remained. An art museum was twsited bare steel. One large hotel/casino had rebuilt to my amazement--all new in just a year.</p>

<p>The central areas of NOLA were OK and most restaurants were back although the crowds were down and tables were always available. </p>

<p>Glad I got to see it first hand. I think 10 years to rebuild.</p>