My UM chances? When is EA notification date??


<p>I applied early action to UM because it's one of my top choices! I'm still on edge though because I know it's a competitive school. I got a 2040 on the SAT (590 CR 690 WR 760 M) and I have a 4.21 GPA. I've only gotten like 3 B's or so and I have loads of EC's. I don't know how impressive my essay was but my sister (who is an admissions counselor at L & C in Oregon) really liked it. Do I have a good chance? and if so, do you think I could get an academic scholarship? </p>

<p>Also, how good is UM with giving financial aid according to the FAFSA? That's super important to my family.</p>


<p>I could see you getting a $20k or $24k scholarship depending on your recs and ECs. And UM is typically pretty good about meeting estimated need according to FAFSA... but keep in mind that FAFSA's estimated need is often substantially less than one's perceived actual need.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>EA notification last year was Jan 28th.</p>

<p>On the UM website it said February 1st but hopefully like the previous guy said it gets out a few days earlier.</p>

<p>I feel like you have a great shot, your SAT scores are good, your essay is probably good if your sister liked it and I am sure you are involved in numerous EC's. As for an academic scholarship, it says 1350 CR+Math to be considered, but hopefully they look at you as more than just a test score and give you money :) And they notify you by Feb 1. So they will probably mail them a few days early to make sure everyone receives a notification by that day. GOOD LUCK & GO CANES! :D</p>

<p>will admissions look at midterm senior grades before making their decision? our midterm semester grades are made january 25th and they notify early action february 1st</p>