myBama/Calendar question

<p>D & I were talking about calendars the other day(she was looking at planners) & I was wondering if the calendar in myBama ends up being prepopulated with the chosen class schedule once the schedule is confirmed.</p>

<p>I think there is a way to "subscribe" to your schedule and have it appear. I don't think it happens when a schedule is "confirmed" because I don't think there is a time when a schedule is "confirmed". Your schedule is whatever you're currently signed up for.</p>

<p>OK. I thought I remember someone saying at orientation that there was a certain point prior to the semester when you would have to "confirm" your schedule. I think that if you have a tuition bill to pay, then when your payment posts it's "confirmed" but for those kids who have a full tuition scholarship, there's something they have to do. Maybe I'm making it up :) I think I tuned that out because it fell under the umbrella that D would have to deal with.</p>

<p>I guess that might be so - money-wise in the "pay your student bill" section. For those with good scholarships, there are usually some other things to pay for...meal plans, and such. </p>

<p>If I remember correctly, you pay the balance and it confirms your schedule - but it doesn't list your classes. I was more thinking that you thought that there was a time when a student sees the list of classes and confirms it.</p>

<p>Confirming your schedule does not show which classes you are register, just the charges associated with your account. If you were to change your schedule and chose a class with a higher course fee, then you would be assessed the additional course fees in the next bill, IIRC (this would not be the bill for spring semester, but a monthly bill; your student will get an e-mail if they have a monthly bill due).</p>