MyBama update

<p>It looks like MyBama has undergone some sort of update. Unfortunately it no longer appears to be Chrome-friendly. Boo.</p>

<p>You’re right. The Picture of the Week and the UA Alerts on the home page aren’t working with Chrome. I haven’t noticed anything else, but I haven’t looked very hard. I hope it gets fixed so it works with Chrome, because that’s my browser of choice.</p>

<p>Every link we tried to update email addresses and home address (due to our recent move) wouldn’t work. They do work in Safari though.</p>

<p>Also, I was looking to see if any of those room damage charges were on D’s account. It will take a while for any bills to catch up with us. I didn’t see any (Chrome would error out but Safari worked) but still don’t know if those who have received them are seeing them online anyway.</p>

<p>Interesting. I just tried the links to update addresses in Chrome, and they worked for me. However, I couldn’t get into Degree Works using either Chrome or Internet Explorer. Oh well, it seems that anytime there’s a change and a computer is involved there will be glitches. I’m hopeful these will be worked out. I really don’t want to have to use a different browser.</p>

<p>FWIW, we haven’t gotten any damage bills yet.</p>

<p>Everything works for us in Firefox, including Crimson Mail + Degree Works. Things on home pages and some tabs/links are slightly rearranged, maybe.</p>

<p>I had problems on mybama last night while trying to look up classes with my DD. Then I saw on the Home tab in the Campus Announcements section, the word “changes.” When you click on it you get a message stating that they are performing some exercise between May 19 and May 26 and you will notice small differences on mybama during that time.</p>

<p>So, maybe the problems people are experiencing are just temporary?</p>

<p>We had problems in the “look up classes” section using DS’s Mac (Safari). The pages wouldnt load correctly. It was a little frustrating but I feel better knowing it was a computer change.</p>

<p>We’re still unable to get into DegreeWorks. Tried with Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. I’m hopeful this will be a short-lived glitch. All other issues with Chrome appear to have resolved. Go figure.</p>

<p>Which day of BAMA. Bound do they register for classes?</p>

<p>Hope this gets fixed before session one…</p>

<p>We couldn’t get into DW last night but was able today through Safari.</p>

<p>TXA - registration takes place the morning of the second day of the 2 day Bama Bounds. I don’t know how it works for 1 day Bama Bound sessions.</p>

<p>FWIW, DD was able to look up classes late last night using foxfire. </p>

<p>There were quite a few new sections and seats opened up in most of her desired classes. It pays to keep checking in. </p>

<p>I recommended that DD design plans A through E with a “if I win the lottery and Prof Evans’ Calc 2 section opens up a couple more seats” plan - i.e., her “perfect” schedule. I had her put them all on the computer and print them out to take with to BB.</p>

<p>We also talked about other adjustments that might have to be made on the fly during her Avanti Session 2. I think she is as prepared as can reasonably be expected.</p>

<p>My daughter had Evans for Calc II and highly recommends him.</p>

<p>Evans comes highly recommended here, too (Linear Alg 237). He can apparently make you fully understand the material (difficult tests which are not curved will motivate the lazy). Further, math to him is an art form, meant to be appreciated, not merely studied. The Welsh accent helps, too, of course.</p>

<p>In case this helps someone, we were able to get “look up classes” to work, but each time we went back to look at another class it would say “your changes have already been submitted” (whatever that means LOL) and not let us do anything else. If we refreshed the page, it asked if we wanted to send the form again. We hit yes, and then it worked again. It was pretty annoying having to do that each time, but at least it worked.</p>

<p>The sections of the CS classes S needs to take look really tight, fingers crossed he can get it worked out. MereMom, which types of classes did you see sections/seats added? I have a feeling that this is going to be one instance where having AP credit will hurt more than it helps, because the classes he is registering for are not freshman classes, so I assume no seats will be added to them. Oh well, he will figure it out.</p>

<p>Thanks for the recommendation of Evans for Calc 2. Will let my son know. Are there any other recommendations in case he can’t get Evans? Or anyone to avoid?
Thanks so much!</p>

<p>My son had and would recommend Corson for Calc II.</p>

<p>^ Yep, we got the same message “your changes have already been submitted”. I did note that using the links within mybama now opens up a new tab each time, whereas before (i.e., prior to these updates), once you were logged in, you were always just in 1 tab (if that makes any sense). Before, sometimes moving from one function/link to the other caused you to be logged out and you had to log back in. Now, each new tab/window that opens up has an ‘exit’ button and yet the mybama tab remains logged in no matter where you go. Improvement? Who knows!</p>

<p>Interesting point about how having AP credits jumps you to a higher level of class where current students have already registered for the class and therefore it appears full. This didn’t seem to be a problem for S last year (as incoming Fr), but maybe in CS it is a problem? I do believe they know somehow how many incoming Fr are expected to join upper-level classes. This is an excellent question to put to UA advisors at BB before the actual registration (usually on 2nd day). New sections of things are added all the time throughout the summer. Schedules are sometimes not ideal, but I have not yet heard of incoming freshman not being able to get courses needed for their major that first year.</p>

<p>The key to registering for the first time is to be as prepared and flexible as possible. When possible, DD has 3 or 4 instructors ranked for each class in her plans - any would be a good choice, but obviously there are some she ranks more highly. </p>

<p>One of her classes has only one section, so that is the one she will enter first. Then the next most critical (few seats left, only time slot that fits in with the rest of her schedule), and so on. The last class she enters will be the one that is least impacted (has many section choices that fit, etc.).</p>

<p>DD1 has been very helpful giving strategy advice to her little sis. I find I am a lot less stressed this time around because we’ve been through it all before (at a different school, but process looks almost identical to DD1’s experience).</p>

<p>S is pretty laid back and more than willing to be flexible, but some of these classes only have one section. It’s not a “preference” issue at all. For instance, S placed directly into CS 260 because of the CS AP test. There is only one section of that class. At the moment, it is showing 8 spots available out of 90 total. We are going to the first BB (leaving on Sunday!) so I am hoping he will be fine, but what if we were going later in the summer? As I understand it, this is not the type of class that adds sections/spots at each BB. So the kids coming later in the summer with AP credit might get screwed (even S might get screwed, seems like a couple more people sign up for that class every day - there were almost 20 spots open last week). Same deal for CS 351 - 2 sections, one already full, one with 1 spot left. </p>

<p>Those are really the only two classes with issues, the rest are freshman classes so I’m sure he’ll be fine. Hopefully these two will work out also. We’ll know soon enough!</p>