myedu account

<p>does anybody already have an account that they don't mind me using to look up some professors? thanks :)</p>

<p>You can look up the evaluations students give their professors online for free on the UT site.</p>

<p>I suggest you just go ahead and buy a myedu account. It's only $10-12 a year and you'll be using it to look up professor reviews, grade distributions, etc. at least twice a year, for both your fall and spring classes. It's really pretty handy, with reviews ranging from terrible profs to the best ones, as well as the ones in between, and what to expect during that particular class. There's also a convenient schedule planner that allows you to make up your own schedule, with profs, unique numbers, class times, and locations. If you get your own account, you'll be able to use this planner easily and not have to remove the another user's info. It's a good, small investment I think :)</p>

<p>Yeah, be friends were always asking to use my account. I should charge them for access lol.</p>

<p>Well it sounds like you need to be friends with Why Two Kay or split an account with some people you know</p>

<p>Question for more seasoned myedu users - I know where to write my evals, but is there a place to report my grade for it to be factored into the distribution, or do they pull that information from somewhere else?</p>

<p>^ They pull grade distributions directly from UT and all the other schools itself. You can always put what you got in the evaluation.</p>