MyMAP BYU Causing Second Guessing

I applied to BYU for the priority date as a safety school. I meet their average math SAT score, scored higher than their average reading comprehension SAT score, am a full IB candidate, will be a seminary graduate, do many extra curricular activities (advanced choir for three years, on choir board for one, drama for two years, drama board for two years, ASB leadership for two years, tutoring, academic decathlon two years,), part time job half of junior year and all of senior year, 3.93 GPA. I applied to BYU with it as my safety school, hoping for scholarships, but I just looked at MyMAP and with 19 days until the day of accepting or declining, my status is still Non-Matriculated. Is anyone else seeing this on their MyMAP dashboard or have yours’ already been updated with your status of acceptance if that’s the case. I have been freaking myself out recently, I have an anxiety disorder and constantly overthink things, however, when I made myself look at my chances logically they seemed fairly good. Although, as February 17th comes closer, I am becoming absolutely terrified that I will not get in and thus have nothing to do with myself seeing as this is my safety school.

Based on your stats, you’ll probably be fine if you’re a seminary graduate. It’s hard to call it a safety school because the admissions criteria have a huge spiritual component to it, which makes some things ridiculously subjective. Just do the best you can. If you get in, GREAT! If not, there are tons of universities to choose from.

Don’t worry, you have a great chance of getting in but BYU is a wild card. I know you have lots of extracurriculars but it really depends on how you portrayed yourself in the essays. Academically your doing great, but BYU is a wild card. I know someone with a 21 ACT and a 4.0 gpa that got accepted last year as well as a 3.7 gpa , 29 ACT that was denied. I’d give you a solid 70% you get in. Also, what is your composite SAT score? Also, do you mind giving me a comment on my post based on my stats? I posted right before your post.

We are in the same boat. My daughter applied priority deadline and still shows as non-matriculated. I am trying to see if any other applicants show something OTHER than that as an indication if this system works. Super stressful!

I also applied priority deadline and it still shows non-matriculated for me. I read on a byu Facebook post from a few years ago that “non-matriculated” does not necessarily mean not admitted, but rather refers to anyone who hasn’t enrolled in classes. Either way… hoping for the best!