<p>Just wondering, though we can track our apps online, will our admission decisions be posted online as well?</p>

<p>I doubt it because it would present a disadvantage to those who haven't registered with MyMIT or, more important, don't own/have access to an online computer. But it sure would be extra awesome if true.</p>

<p>I'm not sure that reasoning is sound. UNC-CH does post those decisions online.</p>

<p>MIT doesn't put their decisions online - only by mail.</p>

<p>oh darn... ok thanks guys=) Guess I'll have to wait agonisingly longer at my mailbox than everyone else, cos the mail'll take a week to reach=(</p>

<p>If I recall correctly, they sent acceptances last year via DHL to international applicants. Have a look in the archives from last winter - someone might have mentioned how quickly it arrived in contrast to domestic mailings.</p>

<p>Last year there was a storm that delayed all of the mailings. Even then they didn't post decisions online. Finally they allowed applicants to call to find out decisions. My son's came in the mail December 24.</p>