MyNova info for applicants

<p>Applied yesterday. Received invite today to set up MyNova account, to monitor application status. But when I log in, there's nothing on the screen. CommonApp says teacher report, counselor report/transcript have been downloaded. Should I be concerned that MyNova has no info? Or does it take time for MyNova account to be populated? Deadline for all materials is Nov. 8 [early action].</p>

<p>Generally speaking, as long as you have a mynova invite account, you should be good. They usually take some time to populate it.</p>

<p>My D has not received her mynova invite. Applied in September, acknowledgement received, but no invite. Called once, emailed 3 times…no response. Not sure what to do at this point.</p>

<p>Cookie16, the portal is woefully behind. D had to contact admissions twice to ask if they truly did not have her transcript since it indicated for WEEKS that they had everything but that. Made no sense and her high school insisted everything was sent last month. Well this afternoon the portal finally showed everything as checked. ALL the schools just seem lousy with the whole magic portal business. My advice is to always check your school counselor and if they say it was sent —it was. If you are truly concerned call the school and make them check your file. We too were panicked with the early action deadline…!</p>

<p>I applied in October for Early Action and didn’t get an application confirmation or an invitation to join myNova, what should I do? we have a website our school uses (Naviance) and it says that they have all my info but I’m paranoid, and it’s my first choice too.</p>


<p>D. applied first week of September and we finally got our info very late in October. Then we had to send a note about the transcript. They never wrote back. Instead, what they did was finally go into the portal and fix it. Now it says everything is fine.</p>

<p>Originally we were told we would get an invite to myNova beginning the first week of October. I think we got it like the 17th or 19th.</p>

<p>Email them and/ or call. Everything is probably fine but you should double check just for your own feeling of well being. In 2010, Pitt lost my son’s transcript and we had zero clue until Dec 10th (sent Halloween). The portals can be dicey at most of the schools.</p>