MySpace questions- can you link to a video?

<p>-My MySpace submission is a short essay on how I taught myself to be ambidextrous, and a youtube video in which i have exhibited different variations like writing with both hands, writing in mirror and straight together, writing and drawing together, and so on.</p>

<li>Am I right in assuming that we attach our submission and mail it online to the Vassar admissions office? If yes, whats the email address?</li>
<li>Is it okay if I just provide a link to the video with my essay, or do i need to upload the video itself?</li>

<p>Please reply soon, and thanks a lot! :)
Also, a belated Merry Christmas :D</p>

<p>Okay, its on the Common App. Sorry, silly question.
Could you please answer 2?
Thanks :)</p>