Myths Regarding Penn...

<p>I just wanted to share a little information so that everyone can make the best decision for themselves. I am in a dual-degree program between Wharton and the College.</p>

<li><p>People always say that Penn is just a "party" or "frat" school. Some people here definitely love to party and have fun. I love having fun. But I don't drink, and I don't like going to parties. I have made so many friends who party and do not party. Penn has so many communities you can be a part of (and they all have social events!). I have never felt pressured to party, or been unhappy not partying. I'd say more than 1/3 of kids never party-- so you won't be lonely as you can hang out with them! Also, partiers and non-partiers are still all friends. My best friends here party all the time!</p></li>
<li><p>Penn is not overly competitive. People here are very talented, and they are competitive with themselves. We all work together, and even in Wharton and Engineering there is no hostile behaviour of foul play. Even in weighted classes, people help each other out. </p></li>

<p>I've loved my Penn experience so much so far!</p>

<p>Agreed! I’m glad that you’re enjoying your Penn experience. I know I am!</p>