N grade

<p>My son has 2 N grades which has me worried. He has assured me he has fulfilled all the requirements for the courses. I thought grades were due yesterday. What does this mean? Also, is there a place to see the calculated GPA on mybama? If not, how do the plusses and minuses factor in? Ex: A+ = 4.0?, a- = ?</p>

<p>^ N means "not reported". Son has an "N" for Outdoor Action and received an email today explaining that there was some kind of glitch in getting the grade into the system (even though it was entered for the midterm grade) but that it should be taken care of by Jan. 3. I think it would be prudent for your son to send an email to the instructors for both classes letting them know his grade is currently showing as "not reported".</p>

<p>I think you should see the calculated GPA at the bottom of the same page that shows the final grades.</p>

<p>Whew! Thank you. One of those N's is for Outdoor Action.</p>

<p>+/- chart in enclosed link...
Plus/Minus</a> system: positive or negative at UA? | The Crimson White</p>

<p>Thanks! Any clue how to figure in 1 credit vs. 3 or 4 credit classes?</p>

<p>Credits x grade points = Quality Points. (e.g. an A- in a 3 credit course = 11.01 Quality Points: 3 x 3.67.)</p>

<p>The sum of a student's Quality Points divided by the sum of his/her graded credits = grade point average. Graded credits are also referred to as GPA Hours.</p>

<p>A grade of P receives credits toward graduation, but is not factored into computing grade point averages.</p>

<p>It's all laid out nicely in the student's advising transcript, which can be accessed from the Student tab in myBama.</p>

<p>Yes, there was a computer glitch, resulting in N grades. Son's FLC professor wrote to apologize and explain. All will be well by the start of next semester.</p>

<p>Merry Christmas, y'all, and ROLL TIDE on January 9!!</p>