N.Y.U. - Gallatin Chances

<p>Pleas rate my chances! (0-8)
PLEASE READ the following chart (?)</p>

<p>0 - x = 0 Absolutely No Way! apply to a community college Jason! f*in idiot!
1 - 0 < x < 25% Jason, don't be an idiot. REJECT!
2 - x = 25% Jason, I higly doubt it.
3 - 25% < x < 50% eh...I doubt it Jason...sorry
4 - x = 50% eh...but it's possible
5 - 50% < x < 75% You might get in, but you never know.
6 - x = 75% Jason, I think you will get in
7 - 75% < x < 100% Jason, I have no doubt. You will get in, no kidding.
8 - x = 100% You know you will get in Jason.</p>

<p>An Early Decision Applicant</p>

<p>Asian-American (Korean)
*This might hurt my chances if they compare me to an average Korean-American stats...which is like 3.6/4.0 G.P.A. and 1400 haha</p>

<p>Both English and Korean are my primary languages...however I lived in the U.S. for total 5 years.</p>

<p>OK...so...I applied E.D. to:
New York University - Gallatin School of Individualized Study</p>

<p>Intended Concentrations - Social Work, Foreign Language (Russian), Economics, East Asian Study or Slavic Study...and perhaps more! but mainly Social Work</p>

<p>Future Career - Social Worker</p>

<p>New Jersey State's top 6th public high school. Very competitive...
this might give you some idea (about 30 - 40% are Korean-Americans, and they all have like 3.6/4.0 G.P.A. and over 1400 SAT1 and 700s SAT2s) our SCHOOL's AVERAGE SAT score is around high 1200s and close to 1300.</p>

<p>Unweighted G.P.A.
Cumulative - 3.2
Freshman - 2.6
Sophomore - 3.2
Junior - 3.7 or 3.8
*Upward trend both G.P.A. and quality of my schedule</p>

Composite - 1300 (dull average...but i guess low when comparing to the NYU average)
Verbal - 620
Math - 680</p>

<p>SAT2 (this is my yet another problem!)
Math 1 C: 720 (dammit!)
Writing: not yet!...
World History or U.S. History: not yet!
*yes, I did not take all three recommended tests...but i am hoping that they would receive my November Writing score</p>

<p>3 APs, 1 College Course at N.Y.U. (Calculus: A-), my counselor did not let me take two more APs because she thought I ought to take more science classes...I still don't understand this...but I trust her.</p>

<p>E.C. (Yes, I emphasized on this in my resume)
Pathfinders - Founder; Counsel North Korean refugees, run an on-line counseling bulletin board.
225 hrs/year since 10th grade. approximately total 500 hours</p>

<p>Cross-Cultural Solutions - Volunteered at a prison in Peru, South America and also took Introduction to Spanish, Modern Peruvian History classes
total 240 hours</p>

<p>A Japanese N.G.O. - Volunteered for a Japanese N.G.O. in China helping North Korean refugees. Translated Korean into English and Japanese
total 360 hours</p>

<p>Kendo (Japanese martial arts) - practiced since i was 10 and currently hold a first degree dan (black-belt)
total approx 400 hours</p>

<p>Kendo (Japanese martial arts) - instructor of beginner classes
total approx 300 hours</p>

<p>Work Experience
Excelite Inc. - Columbus, Ohio
A summer internship at the company's sales department
Total 100 hours ($1,000)</p>

<p>Fungwon Inc. - Guangzhou, China
Basically, a factory labor...crazy huh? lol
Approx total 300 hours ($40 <- haha)</p>

<p>Recommendation Letters
An excellent counselor's recommendation letter (100% guarantee)</p>

<p>A decent teacher's recommendation letter from my Japanese teacher</p>

<p>An excellent, excellent, excellent, teacher's recommendation letter from my
NYU instructor I had last summer</p>

An excellent essay about my experiences while in China helping North Korean refugees risking my life hiding from Chinese police; and about how that experience motivates me to pursue my study in Social Work area.</p>

<p>By the way, I applied Early Decision.</p>

<p>thank you!</p>

<p>your essay sounds a little bit far fetched</p>

<p>do you think so? well i cannot explain the whole essay but I (and my counselors) thought it was great. anyway, thank you. but i cannot do anything now...i lost my control over app! it's terrible...i feel like throwing up lololol</p>

<p>You posted on my thread and said I have better chances of getting in than you but that is so not true. The great thing about Gallatin is that they are looking for all types of people and they don't hold us to any specific standards. Your stats are just as good as mine. Good luck and I hope we both get in!</p>

<p>thank you lol
tonight i got so many bad replies to my post...well due to my misleading titles...so it is quite surprising to receive such a nice reply.
thank you and i feel the same too. i hope we all get in!
why not make a history dammit. 100% acceptance rate this year! -U.S. News/World Report- "NYU is going crazy!"</p>

<p>5....the problem is the GPA. The upward trend is great and your junior year GPA is great too but the cum is low at least by NYU standards....the average Gallatin GPA is a 3.5 and the average SAT is a 1348.......yeah I know a little too much ( I took notes during the Gallatin presentation) At the same time that I worry about your GPA I can't help but notice the good grades from the NYU class and the positive feedback from the proffesor. I think we both have a good chance but it being NYU, ya never know!</p>

<p>do they actually tell you their average SAT? when i asked their answer was so vague. always always, 1300-1450. oh well. :) good luck to me...seriously
ok 5 was little too much lolol don't be too nice!</p>