Name A Product That You Have Bought Due To CC Recommendations

The PF/Foot/Shoe thread made me think of this. I’ll bet MOST of us have bought one thing or another that we now own because someone (or many!) on CC recommended it. The power of suggestion. :slight_smile:

What have you bought via CC and has it been a “hit” or “miss” for you??

I’ll start:
I just bought a pair of OOFOS which I have heard about for years on the D/E/W thread - no report cause I haven’t received them yet…

Instapot - HIT

Instapot Egg Cups - have only used them once or twice - the jury is still out. :slight_smile:

I’m sure I"ll think of others as you all chime in!!!

Mederma stretch mark cream. Works very well. Thanks @HImom

Oofos flipflops and Hoka shoes
The incredible edible microwaved egg thingy
Barkeeper’s Friend cleaner
Not a product, but a resort recommendation - Bahia Pricipe near Tulum

All were big hits!! :slight_smile:

Dozens and dozens of books!!

BabyFoot - it works!

Talenti Gelato - thought it was fine but not WOW (ducking)

Funny that you ask, @abasket - I just tried the Noosa yogurt you recommended and all I can say is yum yum!!!

Oribe Dry Texturing Spray for hair. Can be used as a dry shampoo. Great stuff!

Not a product, but because I read about it here on CC, I made sure my D got a Meningitis serogroup B shot the summer before college.

And I think I first heard about foam mattress toppers on here, and the need for XL twin sheets and an ethernet cable for her dorm.

I am still trying to find a store to get Bare-Better Oats from :wink:

-egg thingy
-baby foot
-a public college education…two of them actually (UW)

I learned about Ivy League on CC. Ended up buying that.

Scanpan frying pan. I love it.

Ponds rejuvenating anti aging cream. Ponds Clarant b3 cream correcting cream.

Clickfree back up hard drive. It saved my life when my old computer died.

Trish McAvoy tubing mascara.

Best. Product. Ever. Thank you to whomever originally recommended it.

Ambi cream for horrid age spots. Offering 2 free tubes if someone would like to continue the experiment.

Jar of castor oil - continuing with this success strategy

Laminator - this is several years back, was very inexpensive, and has been used over and over.

LG front loader - 6 years old, going strong, love it

Roomba - eh, jury is out. I have 6 entryways/doors into my kitchen (horrible design). It was too hard to block them all so Mr. Roomba could do his thing. He’s now occupying space in the basement.

the microwave boiled egg thingie. Hubby uses it a lot so I guess it’s a hit.

  • Promothease site link to 23andMe
    • Anastasia eyebrow brush and powder

Not exactly a product, but we went to Brix restaurant in Yountville, CA because a CC member recommended. Beautiful sunset meal.

Eileen Fisher shoes (Bunsen), Mantra bracelets, Jungle Gym TRX type straps, LuLu skirts…many more things from Exercise thread…

Recently, InstantPot and egg cups. Happy with both. Bosch dishwasher last year. Read many books and watched many tv series based on CC recommendations. I’ve used info provided on appliances, clothes, shoes, etc., over and over. The Parent Cafe is like a personal focus group of people in my age range with varying honest opinions. Invaluable!