Name Recognition?

I’m considering applying to Marist EA this fall, and I know it seems silly but one of my concerns is that no one seems to have heard of Marist College. It might be attributed to the fact that I’m in Virginia - perhaps more NY people are familiar with it. I just wanted to see if anyone else was thinking about this/has a different opinion. It seems like a good school but part of me wants to go to a school that people know. Can anyone prove me wrong? I’d appreciate any feedback!

Marist is well known in the Northeast region and has a very good reputation. My son just finished his freshman year there and he loves the school. It seems they are gearing up to increase their stature so to speak and may become a university. But that might be a few years down the road.

The school has connections with some big companies, especially those in the New York area. If you think you might be interested, I suggest visiting the campus. It is a beautiful location right on the Hudson River in New York. Good luck.

On Long Island it’s incredibly well known and respected. A number of kids from my high school choose it each year.

Hi there! I’m a current Marist student, about to enter my senior year. I’m a firm believer in that once you become aware of a school, it seems to pop up everywhere. It certainly happened with Marist. I’d never heard of it before beginning my school search, but soon after I began seeing Marist bumper stickers and sweatshirts everywhere, even on vacation! Your geographic location may be part of your worries, but being from Connecticut I’ve grown to realize that Marist has built up a reputable name. Even in internship interviews, the hiring director has told me that they have visited the school or knows an alumni.

In addition, while wanting to go to a well-known and name recognizable school is always attractive, I encourage you to distance yourself from putting too much stock in that requirement. Rather, place more emphasis on finding a school that fits your career and academic goals first, and worry about nationwide esteem second. I had the same mindset as you at first, and toured and applied to a few Ivy Leagues and other highly acclaimed colleges. However, when I visited the campuses, I truly did not see myself fitting in or feeling at home at these campuses, but at Marist I felt instantly comfortable. This feeling of knowing I would enjoy four years in a comfortable environment was well worth more to me than having a famous college name on my sweatshirts.

Hope this helps, and if you have any other questions about the EA process (that’s what I did) feel free to ask!

Thanks guys! These responses were super helpful and actually convinced me to apply to Marist EA this fall. :slight_smile:

I am very familiar with Marist - oldest D was accepted to business program but opted to attend JMU in Virginia. The school seems to be gaining more traction of late - I note a new science building and PA program are the latest additions. How are strong are the sciences at Marist in your estimation? How comfortable a fit would it be for a quiet, serious minded student from Massachusetts? The campus is gorgeous - lovely architecture overlooking the Hudson. An idyllic setting for sure, but can you address the specific qualities that made it “comfortable” for you?

My S17’s best friend will be attending here (studying business) and at least one of this kid’s older siblings did as well. A friend of one of my older sons chose Marist over a number of others. He is now working for a very large company, whose name anyone would recognize, and is very happy with his chosen psych major. We looked at Marist but it costs too much for my taste and the theater program wasn’t as rigorous as S17 wanted.

It is clearly better known in NYS.