Name your favorite and your best subject.

<p>Favorite: Chemistry and History
Best: History</p>

<p>Favorite: Any kind of Math + German
Best: Any kind of Math</p>

<p>Favorite: All math + Computer Science
Best: Same</p>

<p>Favorite: Biology, chemistry, math (anything but geometry. Ugh.)
Best: Any type of math</p>

<p>Favorite: Math and all sciences
Best: All sciences and math</p>

<p>Favorite:Science and History

<p>Favorite: History
Best: History, English, Math</p>

<p>Favorites: English, History, Science, Spanish
Best: English (but pretty good at all)</p>

<p>Favorite: Physics, Math,
Best: Math, English</p>

<p>Favorite: Math
Best: Math</p>

<p>Favorite: Physics
Best: Any kind of math</p>


<p>Favorite: History
Best: History
just memorization, easyy</p>

<p>Favorite: Chemistry, Theory of Knowledge
Best: English, history. Anything where I do a lot of writing.</p>

<p>kenzie where do you go to school? interlake by any chance?</p>

<p>Best: French, history... any subject except for math, english and chem</p>

<p>Favrorite: French</p>

<p>Favorite: Biology, history
Best: History, math</p>

kenzie where do you go to school? interlake by any chance?


<p>I'm at Edmonds-Woodway high school actually.</p>

<p>Favorite: depends on the teacher; last year - French</p>

<p>Best: always my history classes. Brute memorization is my thing I guess :)</p>

<p>Favorites: English, math, any foreign language, physics, chemistry somewhat
Best: English, math, foreign language</p>