Name your least favorite and worst subject.

<p>Least favorite: Art [ when I had it ]
Worst: Art [ when I had it ], English [ now ].</p>

<p>Least favorite: history
worst: english/art</p>

<p>least favorite:chemistry
worst: history</p>

<p>Least favorite and worst: Science. By far.</p>

<p>Least favorite: History/geography
Worst: History/geography :P</p>

<p>Least Favorite: Chinese
Worst: This year: Chinese, but last year I regularly got D's and F's for Geometry :O</p>

<p>Least favorite: english.
Worst: english.</p>

And my teacher's a weirdo.</p>

<p>least favorite: chemistry
worst: chemistry</p>

<p>The only subject I legitimately disliked.</p>

<p>History for both because it sucks</p>

<p>Least favorite: Mathematics and Science.
Worst: N/A</p>

<p>least favorite: History
worst: Physics H(the teacher didn't know what he was doing)</p>

<p>Least Favorite: English.
Worst: Art/Sculpture</p>

<p>Least favorite: Geography (when I still had to take it).
Worst: Right now, it's Psychology - not because I'm particularly bad at it. The teachers just aren't allowed to give us 7s because nobody got a 7 in their real IB Psych exam.</p>

<p>Least favorite - Bio (Partially due to the teacher)
Worst - English, just because I have no interest in it whatsoever.</p>

<p>Least favorite: History
Worst: History</p>

<p>Least favorite: P.E. =P
Worst: P.E.

<p>least favorite [class]: English Floating Block - a required class, due to CA education standards, that sucks at teaching you poetry and drama.
Worst: English and Physics.</p>

<p>Least favorite: Math
Worst: Math</p>

<p>least favorite: math
worst: math</p>

<p>least favorite: history
worst: spanish</p>