Nanny Job while in college

If you have done it, would you recommend it? What are the rewards and challenges of being a nanny while in college? If you’re a parent, what would you look for when hiring a student/ nanny?

When would you “nanny”?
Most people, who hire nannies, need them full-time and many, on weekends.
When I worked at a private school, many of the children had nannies. They rarely ever saw their parents.
Parents want permanent placements because it can take a while to become accustomed to a new nanny and do rehires. It’s hard on the kids; they need stability.
Would you only Nanny in the summer? Remember, you’re not really on a clock and are typically a live-in. You are on 24 hours sometimes.
When would you study?


I think a nanny job would be difficult to do while going to school full time. That being said, growing up my family had a college student who lived with us for a few years and helped out with after school stuff in exchange for free room and board. Working as a mother’s helper or for set after school hours could work if your schedule allows.

If you’re talking about summer work, that’s absolutely doable. Had many friends who employed nannies during the summer.

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I worked as an after-school nanny while in college. The student was actually homeschooled but his mom went to work around 2-3pm. I would make sure he did his homework and take him to after-school activities, etc and make him dinner. I did my homework when he did his so that worked out well.

None of my classes were after noon. If your child’s classes are in the morning only, an after-school nanny job is ideal. I nannied full-time in the summer.


I was a nanny while in college but I had a really sweet deal. Through friends of my parents, I was able to connect with two single parents who took call for their respective medical practices. Both offered a private bedroom and bathroom and I slept over on nights when they were on call and their kids weren’t with their exes. It generally wasn’t time consuming and I got paid to sleep somewhere clean and quiet 1-2 nights per week just so kids weren’t alone if a parent got called in to the hospital. Once in a while, I needed to get kids up, fed, and out for the school bus. It worked out perfectly for all of us.


I think it would be hard to be a full time student and a full time nanny.

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Summer would be a possibility. I’m just exploring different options at this point.

Oh wow, that sounds great! Thank you for your insight.

That’s great. I am 100% responsible for my tuition and living expenses in college. My parents aren’t helping because they think it’s important that I do this on my own. I won’t have the luxury of daddy’s credit card. I have a considerable chunk saved up, and I paid my dues in the fast-food industry( manager at Auntie Anne’s pretzels in the mall for 2 years ), so I want something a bit more rewarding. :sunglasses:I’m ready to level up!

I had a friend who was a nanny in the summer during college. She lived with the family in their vacation home, did a lot of the cooking, and looked after the kids. It was pretty consuming and could not have been balanced with school. It also paid well.

Doing this during the school year would depend on the family’s needs. Most arrangements I’ve seen would be tough to balance with school because they have required so much flexibility on the part of the nanny. The parents don’t have flexibility because of their jobs, so the nanny needs to have it. But as some posters above has shown, there may be families with situations that dovetail with your own.

I have also known a couple of students who lived for free in the home of an older person to simply make sure they’re okay and to do a few small, regular chores. It was a great arrangement for everyone. But also, a bit of a one-off.

My daughter and some of her friends had jobs during junior/senior year of college where they would pick up the kids after school each day, bring them home and get them started on homework, and stay until the parents came home from work. Sometimes she would also pick up their dog from doggie daycare. Her classes were over by early afternoon, so she had the flexibility in her schedule to do this. She could also work on her projects while supervising the kids’ homework.

Her college was located in an upscale college town - these jobs payed very well, and there were many to choose from. I believe they would post on “” or a similar website.