Nanotechnology or Lasers and Photonics?

<p>I am currently enrolled in both 1110 Nanotechnology (Umbach) and 1100 Lasers and Photonics (Gaeta). </p>

<p>I am a freshman in engineering, and I was wondering which one I should drop.
Nanotech is 3 lectures, Lasers is 2 lectures, 1 lab
Which class is harder? Takes more time?
I already have a tough schedule, I'm looking for the class which in general takes less time.
Which instructor do you think is better and will help me learn more?</p>

<p>Thanks for your help!</p>

<p>Idk but when I sat in a nanotech lecture last fall, everyone in the class was asleep. </p>

<p>Apparently that's how most of the semester went from the guys in there I asked.</p>

<p>computing in the arts. bailey is wicked</p>

<p>Professor Bailey. What an interesting guy.</p>

<p>Lasers is a hard class.</p>

<p>Avoid it if you want an easy A.</p>

<p>I took Lasers freshman year. It's not necessarily difficult, but almost everyone in there was an EP or prospective EP major. Not to generalize, but that is the toughest engineering major and thus attracts the brightest students, making it that much harder to do well on the curve. The tests were pretty difficult, so even with my scores in the 70s/80s I was still able to keep an A for most of the course - the final pulled me down to an A-.</p>

<p>Nano requires less work but covers more material over the course. Umbach is notorious for his boring lectures, but I don't know anything about Professor Gaeta - my class was taught by Prof. Wise who's the head of the department. Weekly problem sets in both classes. It's your choice but I really enjoyed the lasers class. You get to build a simple working nitrogen laser for half the class and work with a bunch of cool lab equipment in the other half.</p>