National Buckeye Scholarship

<p>My school doesn’t rank. My GPA is 3.1 UW, 3.35 W. My ACT is 34. Do you think I will receive this scholarship? What GPA do you need to be in the top 40% at your school?</p>

<p>My school doesn’t do class rank either, and my counselor told me that students from my school have won it in the past (assuming that their ACT/SAT is up to par with their requirements). Since your ACT is so strong, I think you have a shot at getting it. good luck!!</p>


<p>So quick question, does everyone who has the credentials required to get the scholarship get it? Or do they go through a selection process of the people with the credentials.</p>

<p>I’m pretty sure it is automatic. It does not seem to be a competitive scholarship.</p>