National Hispanic Recognition Program Class of 2021

Has anyone received an email from the College Board inviting you to apply to NHRP?

We haven’t yet but are hoping soon. Any idea the cutoff?

Not yet, but I have heard rumors cutoffs will go down, as PSAT high scores went down.

I posted the same question on an old thread. Was wondering if anyone knows the date that will announce. We haven’t received an email yet but crossing our fingers.

I emailed the college board and they responded that the application process is still being finalized, and will open mid month. They also said students would be emailed to apply. This is a little later than normal.

Have your students sign up to receive an alert when NHRP is announced:

It appears there will be an announcement on March 16, 2020.

I followed up with the College Board yesterday. Still nothing.


They now have on their website that “ the application program will be live on or after April 1, 2020.”

Just got the email today!

I got the email for the african american
What is the difference?

^Good question.

Do any of you know whether there will be one cutoff per region, or whether the cutoff will depend on the category? The categories are African American, Hispanic American or Latinx, Indigenous, and Rural/Small Town. If there’s only one cutoff for all categories, wouldn’t the rural/small town category raise them significantly?

My daughter got the email today! So hope this helps with scholarship options.

I got an email today for rural/small town category to apply. Will that be of any help for college applications?

For the rural/small town category, the list of high schools is enormous and surprising. Not all in small towns - there are large suburban high schools in this list… what was College Board thinking?

@Liveluv No one knows the extent to which this is meaningful at this point. If it’s a single award (rather than having separate cutoffs by category), it’s hard to understand. In the past, when it was only NHRP, there were some colleges that offered specific scholarships.

I am a little shocked the cutoff went up. There were predictions it was going to go down. NHRP for the West (we are in Arizona) is 1360

I was informed it was 1360. Last year it was 1290

@crodillas It looks like there is one cutoff for the entire program, then? PSAT scores went down. There is zero chance that the cutoff for hispanic students in the west would have gone up like 90 points. If there is a single cutoff for all categories, then the addition of this so-called “rural small town” category, with regular suburban high schools on the list, would seem to be a bizarre decision by College Board.

I got an email from the college board today. I am a little floored. Arizona is part of the “WEST” region. Or it had been.

"Thank you for your interest in the Class of 2021 College Board Recognition Programs.

The College Board Hispanic cutoff score for Arizona is 1360.

Stay Healthy!

Warm regards,

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^Maybe they are changing the program to be by state rather than region? Still it doesn’t make sense unless there is one cutoff for all the categories.