National Hispanic Scholar cut off score

<p>Last fall my friend's daughter in NJ was made a National Hispanic Scholar with a 185 score but my daughter in NY with the same score did not. I called the NHSP to find out whether there had been a mistake but no one called back to two telephone messages, and my daughter's guidance counselor didn't know. It is too late to be a Scholar, and I know the cut offs vary by state, but I am curious as to what the cut offs were. Anybody know?</p>

<p>When were we supposed to know about National Hispanic Scholar? I made a 193 and I am in NC. I haven't heard.</p>

<p>Your d may yet get it very soon. I live in NJ and I just got mine today. Keep in mind that the National Merit Corp. is centered in Illinois.</p>

<p>do they notify you as a senior or a junior?</p>

<p>In National merit competitions each state's students are compared only against each other. You can't use NJ score to compare with any other state. Also, the test changes every year. Therefore, the score required to achieve a finalist level changes. A 185 last year may need to be a 187 or 184 this year. (It based on percentages, the "judges" may have to accept a lower score than last year to include the top 1% of test takers.). The score needed can vary greatly from the eastern seaboard to southwestern, mountain areas, too. Generally due to vast differences in educational opportunities available. ie, students in a rural area with little exposure to anything other than basic educational resources are not compared to areas where private schools, AP or IB classes are the norm or at least available to most students.</p>

<p>As to each state's cut off level, your GC should be able to get this information at least informally (and it seems to be the fastest way :) ) by calling GCs at other schools for their results (did they have any finalists,etc and what were their scores? etc.) and then eventually it will be posted by state on College Board website. But, this takes forever!</p>

<p>Still should I already know or my GC already know? Mine says she hasn't heard of anything yet. Is that bad?</p>


<p>National Hispanic Recognition Program cut-offs have not been posted for at least two years on the College Board site. CB won't divulge the state cut-offs. One has to wonder why they are so secretive. I have been trying for a year to get the New York cut-off score. The GC wasn't helpful. All I know was that 185 was good enough for New Jersey last year.</p>

<p>D took test Jr. year did not receive notification until fall of senior year. If your daughter is currently a senior, yes, she should have heard by now. It is information that would have been important for college apps. and scholarship awards. If your GC hasn't heard anything (about any of your HS students) it is possible that no one in your school qualified this year. IMO GC should be able to track this down for you.</p>

<p>The students don't hear until the fall, but for those that are above each state's cut off score, the GCs get requests for verification of ancestry in the next couple of weeks. Several people on this board have posted that one can qualify for the National Hispanic Scholar Award with as low a score as 180, but I don't know which states have that cut off, and I think it is odd that College Board is so secretive.</p>

<p>well for NC the cut off is 195. I emailed the people. Ohh well another shot of getting ahead goes is f***ed up. If you want to know the cutoffs email the people at <a href=""></a></p>