National Hispanic Scholar dilemma

<p>I got a letter about being selected as a National Hispanic Scholar last month, but since I am only 1/8, I asked my counselor to contact the College Board for me. One of the requirements for the "award" is to be 1/4 Hispanic.</p>

<p>My counselor told me that the person @ CB told her to "shred it," referring to my award certificate, and to send a confirmation FAX about my disqualification.</p>

<p>Am I now screwed for admission to any college? Have I been put on a "black list" that is sent to all the same colleges that received notification of my award? I highly doubt CB would bother telling colleges the specifics. They would probably just say, "He lied about his ethnicity," or something to that effect.</p>

<p>I'm almost upset I didn't just accept the award, as my counselor told me to do, because depending on how one calculates my "ethnicity," I could actually say I'm 1/4, not 1/8. (I mean, my grandma COULD say she's just "Hispanic," if she had to choose 1 ethnicity. That would make my mom 1/2, and me 1/4.)</p>

<p>I believe Fordham gives full tuition scholarships to National Hispanic Scholars, and that's one of the schools at the top of my list. :-/</p>