National Hispanic Scholar

Are there any benefits of being a National Hispanic Scholar, other than the title?

<p>schools want you, urm's are always a +</p>

<p>As is the case with National Merit and National Achievement (for African American students) scholars, there are many universities that offer scholarships for National Hispanic Scholars.</p>

<p>Check schools' financial aid and merit scholarship web pages.</p>

<p>Some schools offering great scholarships to Hispanic Scholars are Arizona public universities, Fla. public universities, and American U. These are just some that I remember off the top of my head.</p>

<p>There also are schools that offer general merit aid, and will take National Hispanic Scholars into special consideration for that aid even though the schools don't announce that. Always put on your applications that you are a National Hispanic Scholar.</p>

<p>thank you =)...what are "urm's" BTW lol</p>

<p>underrepresented minorities, which is basically blacks, hispanics and native americans,</p>

<p>Many of the schools that offer scholarships to NHS will be mailing you stuff with their offers. ASU is full tuition plus $2,500 per yr must maintain 3.5 gpa ea semester if out of state. Some of the TX schools will charge just in state tuition. OSU had some neat programs you are eligible for. I think Oklahoma had full tuition + first yr rm & board. Do lots of google searches. Iowa gave a tuition discount. Son seriously considered ASU but decided it wasn't for him. I ran into a local teacher whose son just graduated from ASU w/the NHS award and loved it. Son's HS has had only one NMS commended 6-7 yrs ago & are not used to high PSAT scores :(. They didn't know what NHS was, hope your school does.</p>

<p>lamom, thx for all that info ;) ... what about for top universities in general? would the award make me stand out, or is it not considered such a big deal?</p>

<p>Congrats on it...
I got it as well and was quite frankly surprised. I think it will help both of us alot because my thinking is that if colleges had an NHRPS, they would brag like they do with the National Merit...
"Thanks for wanting to learn about XBY University! Did you know that we have 20 National Merit Finalists?..."
Also, there are not that many of us (3200 I believe) so that can help a ton. I'm just hoping it will help me to get into Rochester!</p>

<p>Infkt, I don't know for sure. You will notice on some school websites that they list the # of NHS and NMS. ASU is really trying to improve it's image and honors program-per one of the people I spoke with there. Another school told me that it depends, some NHS were not top students???--but she did not elaborate-that school did list the # of NHS on it's website last yr. I think it will make you stand out as a bright URM-just my opinion. Son is a music performance major. Audition to the school of music was probably more important than being an URM.</p>