National Honor Society - Screw it?

I’m a high school sophomore soon to be enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program. Now, I’m not fond of wasting money for nothing, or spending time for nothing. Shouldn’t I just screw NHS and concentrate on something else, like getting my CAS hours?

Where I am applying:

Caltech, MIT, UChicago, UWashington.

Since I’m going into science/engineering, I’ve pretty much already delineated my schools.

<p>Hey fellow IB'er. I'm a senior this year, and I said "screw NHS." Not necessarily in a hostile manner, but I just found more important things to do. I don't think it matters much, especially for the college admissions. If you think you can utilize your time better by letting yourself concentrate on something you actually WANT to committ to, I say go for it.</p>

<p>Did you know that Chicago is theoretically oriented and does not have applied degrees, like engineering?</p>

<p>Also, some kids on another thread just told me NHS is no fee, but I think that's bogus (wow I'm having deja vu), and it's nothing at prep schools fwiw</p>

<p>What? You guys have to pay to be in NHS? We don't pay at all. All we're required to do is attend induction, come to a meeting every two weeks, and maybe do a fundraiser or two.</p>

<p>Well at my school volunteer work for NHS can also be used for CAS. So being in NHS is not that time consuming.</p>

<p>are you crazy? our nhs has to pay like $20 each year, 30 comm service hours, and CANNOT miss any meetings or we get the boot. lots my friends did only 25 hours, and they unfortunately didnt even get inducted or any credit for their work</p>

<p>If you're not interested in NHS, don't do it. Spend your time in activities that you enjoy. Colleges don't have a list of ECs that they pick students by. The elite colleges select students with grades, scores, curriculum and demonstrated passion (leadership, commitment, time, results) in some kind of ECs.</p>

<p>The EC could be athletic teams, school clubs, community organizations, church organiations, organizations that the student creates, artistic endeavors done as ECs. Colleges want to attract a class of students with a variety of interests and talents, so if you don't do NHS, that won't hurt you as long as you do some other kind of activity -- and put time, creativity and effort into it.</p>

<p>Our NHS is pretty serious. We have like 20 members out of a school of 1500 and you have to write a multiple page essay to get in and have to have near perfect grades and bunches of other ECs.... And we have to pay, but it's only like $20. We do alot of community service stuff and get special honors at graduation.</p>

<p>...useless, really.</p>

<p>Wow.. at my school we only have to pay $10 for NHS and participate in 4 community service activities. We have 1 meeting a month. It doesn't take up that much time at all.</p>

<p>NHS is no cost here :-&lt;/p>