National Honor Society

<p>I'm a jr. and I just got into NHS on Friday. My SAT score was:550 CR and 680 Math GPA 3.4/3.8
I have three varsity letters (Field hockey, Chess and Lacrosse), volunteer hours, and the same part-time job for a year.
Will the NHS help me get into the college of Nursing?</p>

<p>well nothings gonna gaurantee you a spot.. its pretty competitive. but the NHS is only working in your favor and helping you</p>

<p>I'm certainly no expert, but perhaps you could try to bring your SAT score up (Critical reading). </p>

<p>Also, if you plan on going into nursing, participate in activities at school or outside of school related to medicine (i.e volunteer at a local hospital for community service, participate in some cancer awareness club...things like that if you aren't doing so at the moment)</p>