National Honors Society

<p>Is this worth noting as an 'award'... ?</p>

<p>Isnt it a bit like national honor roll (not worth listing)?</p>

<p>I had the same question, in the end I decided it wasn't worth noting.</p>

<p>I had the same question, but I decided to use it; at least, on the applications with unlimited space for awards and honors. Really, why not. It's suppose to be an honor to be accepted into it, right?</p>

<p>oh right, I also ran out of space in the commonapp... so I wrote a resume and decided drop nhs</p>

<p>Anyone else?</p>

<p>First, it's "National Honor Society."</p>

<p>Second, it is worth listing particularly for colleges that aren't HPYS (where virtually every applicant is a member or would qualify for membership). Some colleges like Earlham even offer automatic scholarships to NHS members.</p>

<p>yeah, make sure you don't say "Honors"
our vice principal gave us a whole lecture about how it's only one honor so we wouldn't screw up and write honors lol</p>

<p>Well, I don't know how much merit they'd give you for NHS, because the difficulty of getting varies extremely from school to school. At our school, it's a highly prestigous honor, with only about 5-20 students get this honor out of a class of 500+. In sophomore year, only 1-5 people get it, junior year, maybe 15-20, senior year, 20-ish. I've heard of some schools where it's extremely easy to get in, consisting of simply maintaining a GPA or the likes.</p>

<p>haha wow this thread made me really nervous becuase i put National Honor Society on my apps and I thought I wrote the wrong title....</p>

<p>"I've heard of some schools where it's extremely easy to get in, consisting of simply maintaining a GPA or the likes."</p>

<p>Are you kidding me...At my school we need atleast a 3.6 GPA UW and 5 recommendations letter. 3 documenting character, one documenting leadership, and a fifth documenting a 30+ hour community service project. Then we have to write a 1 page paper about our community service project and fill out an application which asks for all of your EC's, volunteer work, and leadership roles.<br>
AND... All of this will only qualify you. Your application then goes under a review board and they decide whether or not to offer you admission. Our society meets once a month and we do community service for the society on a weekly basis...</p>

<p>At our school, it is a big honor to receive it as well. Only juniors & seniors are eligible, and about 15 from an upperclassmen population of 350 receive it.</p>

<p>Same with ours.</p>

<p>Shoot. I think I put "National Honors Society" on my apps. Stupid singular nouns.</p>

<p>At our school, it's all about sucking up to your teachers. I don't, so I got rejected. Haha, that's the way it goes. I wish it was more legit, like at these other schools.</p>

<p>Pshh! At my school it's a huge deal and definitely worth noting. I didn't know they had a different process at each school.</p>

<p>Last year I was 1 one of only 12 students to get it at a school with more than 4,000 people in it. It requires a 3.5+ gpa and essays explaining your extra-curricular, community and academic involvement.</p>

<p>Anyone know the date (year, month, perhaps day).. this is awarded (if you were in the 11th grade when it was awarded and you are currently a senior).</p>

<p>At my school it doesn't seem like that much of a deal, except the community service you have to get.
You need 3.66+ (weighted), write two essays (one about a leadership activity and one letter to a teacher who impacted you), and get 200 community service hours (100 can come from a sport).
But when I was inducted, about 30-40 kids out of a class of 300 got in. </p>

<p>But I still put it on my apps. ;)</p>

<p>At my school, it's respectable but not "amazing." Ya know? It's something to be proud of.</p>

<p>Anyone know when this is usually awarded (the month and day...?)</p>

<p>At my school is usually near the end of the school year... march, april. You can join as a sophomore, junior, or senior. I don't know the specific day...?</p>

<p>Hahah I am President of National Honor Society. And I wrote "Honors" on all my apps. So embarrassing.</p>