national honors society

<p>Hi, I would like to know if being a part of the national honors society is worth all it's troubles? The only benefit in being a member would be putting it in your college applications, and in my school it is no longer a prestigious thing. People from top 50% of the class are in it, and we have over 150 members in our class alone. So is it worth being in this? They require us to attend every meeting on threat of dismissal, and we are forced to meet a certain number of volunteer hours every quarter on threat of dismissal, which is not an easy thing considering everything else that's going on during our junior-senior years. Would it be a negative thing if it's not on my college application?</p>

<p>If you can be a member, then keep up membership. I am not saying you should stop meeting membership requirements.</p>

<p>But it is not much of a deal on college app since basically everyone is in it.</p>

<p>its pointless, but you do get a cool stole for when you graduate</p>

<p>Evidently it varies by my school (granted my high school has less than 300 students all together), it's a big deal to get in. They only let a max of 15 in the club every year. You have to fill out a very long-winded application and get teacher reccomendations and then you have to pass the "teacher review" board who actually picks who gets in and who doesn't.
I know after my older sister told her college all of this (in an interview, I think) they were relativley impressed.</p>

<p>At one daughter's school it wasn't particularly prestigious, but the group did amazing charity work that helped a lot of people. At the other daughter's school, it is prestigious and selective. 2 out of 755 students in the junior class were inducted this year. The GC makes very sure to indicate that on college apps. Older daughter received $2000 per year scholarship from her college to specifically acknowledge her membership. Now, the super-duper schools don't do that, but for people looking at other private schools and trying to cobble together the money, a couple of thousand here or there can help make attendance possible. There is also the fact that most NHS chapters have officers and if you're not in it, you can't compete for those leadership positions.</p>

<p>As others have said,it varies school to school. It seems like yours is a waste of time, frankly. It won't hurt you not to be an NHS member in selective school admissions. It's as commonplace as being on the Honor Roll.</p>

<p>If you can do something that is more interesting and means more instead of doing NHS, then do it. NHS itself is not very impressive- it's the work you do in NHS and if you think you can do work like that outside of the club, then it doesn't matter.</p>

<p>Excellent advice Brillar!</p>