National Merit Commended

Hi everyone! I’m from Florida and I got a 200 selection index on my PSAT, which is 97th percentile. I know that the top 50,000 test takers are national merit commended scholars, so does that mean I have a good chance of being one? Thanks!

The 97th percentile is probably the National percentile, I believe that is guestimate of all Juniors whether they take exam or not. If you go on cb website, the is a little question mark by the percentage, if you toggle on it, it will also show user percentage, that will probably be 92-93 % that will be closer to final percentages. 209 is closer to what we will probably need for commended. But that is a great score, congrats :slight_smile:

im a commended scholar from 2020 and I got 207 which was the cutoff I believe. great job though!

In recent years the cutoff has been between 207 and 212.

Sorry. Lowest it has been I think is 207. Your score will likely put you in the ~90K range. Nothing to scoff at. Do you qualify for the national recognition programs?

what’re those?

Program for minorities, rural schools and others.

I don’t think so because I’m asian and I don’t think where I live is considered rural.

“Compass has learned that this year’s National Merit Commended cutoff will remain at 207, the historical low set by the class of 2022.”

National Merit Semifinalist Cutoffs Class of 2023.

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