National Merit Finalist

Like many other students, I recently learned that I am a National Merit Finalist. Should I bother to update my Ivies with that? They already have my Semifinalist status on the Common App I submitted in December.

Also, if I should update them, how do I do that?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

I would notify them. I am less certain with the how question.
A polite call to the admissions office asking if it should be directed specifically to your admissions officer or to the office generally.
The two biggest considerations I believe are, does an accomplishment warrant communication with these admissions offices and tact.
Our daughter was wait listed at Harvard and she had forwarded two or three additional accomplishments to them.
I am of the give it all you possibly can mentality as long as it is done politely.
Good luck!

Most NMSF advanced to NMF. It is not something you need to update them on.

NMF is not a “new” accomplishment in that it’s awarded to kids above a certain threshold in your state. While nice for you, to a school like Harvard, it’s like informing them that you made the honor roll your 8th semester.

@GreatKid @Ballerina016 @T26E4 Thanks for the advice! I’ll see what more I can glean from a second glance at the website!

@aBitOfLuck For what it’s worth, I did notify them, as I was advised by my school’s counseling office to do so. Since I was deferred EA, I added a short note saying I had moved on in the competition via the applicant portal. I am not sure if you have a spot to add further information to the portal if you did not apply EA.

In any case, best of luck! I don’t think it will help or hurt too much if you notify them or don’t.

@Aelon51 Thanks! I think I’ll take a look!

A few years ago our son was in this situation. He had several accomplishments, including NMF, in January/ early February. We asked his guidance counselor what to do and his guidance counselor offered to send an update to Harvard admissions. We thought it was nice to come from his high school guidance counselor. We don’t know if it helped his application but it certainly didn’t hurt. He was accepted. I’d talk to your guidance counselor.

@lacgrad Thanks! I think that’s what I’ll do.

Certainly tell Harvard but being a NMF is not at all distinctive at Harvard. They have scores of them. If you win something truly unique–Coca Cola Scholar, Gates Millennium Scholar etc–that will make them take notice. Indeed, the fact that Harvard has a very large number of Gates Scholars attests to the fact that they do notice some accolades.

Don’t 15,000 out of 16,000 of the NMSF move on to become NMF? They say only if you had bad grades or if you commit a crime do you not move on.

@m22boys I think that’s correct.