national merit scholarship finalist program

<p>anyone know anything about this? I got an email from NYU today. I'm guessing they send this out to all applicants for CAS right?</p>

<p>Mr. Freeze,</p>

<p>I am very much hoping this email (of which we got two copies today) is the approximate equivalent of the "Baird Urban Experience Letter" sent about this time last year. (See <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;.) My son is an NMF. </p>

<p>Since one would expect that admission decisions have been made by now although not generally announced, I would take this query as a very positive indication.</p>


<p>Note to all: My smart son just noticed that the first of the two emails had a wrong applicant ID. So check yours closely before validating your NMF status.</p>

<p>I am not a NMF, but I received this e-mail. I also received two copies of this e-mail, for the same reason as R. Aster's son. </p>

<p>One of the curious things about it is that the bottom says.. "We look forward to welcoming you to a CAS scholars program in September!" This is a rather strange line if we are -not- accepted to NYU already, but I won't speculate until we find CAS applicants who did -not- get this e-mail.</p>

<p>yeah i got two e-mails as well...Thanks for the tip R. Aster. Uh I'm just going to assume that the entire CAS applicant pool received these. Although you are right the A Persona the wording is weird. But yeah, can't hurt right?</p>

<p>I'm not a NMF either, but I received those 2 emails as well. I actually got my hopes up, especially with that ambiguous conclusion... oh well.</p>

<p>i'm a NMF and i got the two emails... has anyone checked the site out? it's not working for me... i get a 404 this page doesn't exist message OTZ.</p>

<p>You have to actually type it in.</p>

<p>EDIT: Oh and on that note, I should be confirming this right? It's not like I'm committing to anything?</p>

<p>hi everyone.. im an nmf also, but i have not received anything in the mail from nyu admissions recently. </p>

<p>i never got a confirmation email from nyu indicating that they had received my application. </p>

<p>i ALSO never got an email from the common app when i submitted my application fee payment, confirming the credit card payment..</p>

<p>did anyone who applied to nyu get the latter 2, and did anyone else who is an nmf not get this letter? i'm just worried that nyu never received my application or never processed it since my payment seems to never have been processed.</p>

<p>thanks for yalls help!</p>

<p>^ Have you checked your credit card statements? I believe now you can call and ask them to verify the status of your application.</p>


<p>You in a heap o' trouble, boy! More seriously, you better call NYU and find out. You can also go to the Common App site and see whether NYU ever downloaded your app and your NYU supplement. It's right on your front page after you log in. </p>


<p>Well, shucks, not everyone is an NMF?! Trying to put a positive spin on this email, is everyone who got it a good candidate who is a likely recipient of some extra recognition / merit aid? </p>

<p>I'll go first:
My son is an NMF / 2340 SATs / 4.35 WGPA / average ECs</p>


<p>I really hate to put a slight damper on things... </p>

<p>2130 (1390) / 3.81 unweighted (but all honors/ap's) / average EC's. :/</p>

<p>okay thanks... credit card statements.. i suppose those would help.</p>

<p>i called the admissions office (after it closed.. so not much help) but the voicemail said that the office isnt taking any application confirmation questions..</p>

<p>and i have been consistently checking common app to see if my payment has processed, but since the app deadline it's said "offsite".. which i assumed was the same for everyone's. i'm not even sure what offsite means</p>

<p>so nyu potentially could have NEVER processed my application.
soo what happens next? </p>

<p>im a girl, btw :)</p>


<p>Girl, got it.</p>

<p>If you go to Freshman</a> Admissions - Forum Powered by eve community , an NYU internal forum, you'll see that the admins there do answer application status questions (constantly), so that is another avenue. </p>

<p>But did you verify on Common App that NYU at least downloaded your app? </p>


<p>Your SATs and GPA look to be well above average for NYU, so who knows? And maybe they really liked something in your app. At least they cashed your check, which puts you ahead of Csquaredx (who is a girl, BTW).</p>


<p>On that same note, someone could probably ask about this e-mail in that forum. They seem to be extremely helpful when it comes to fielding applicant questions on the forum.</p>

<p>i got the email, too, and i'm not an NMF.
i'm definitely hoping that it's somehow a positive sign...</p>

<p>30 ACT/4.09W and 3.98UW GPA/great ECs</p>

<p>can anyone offer up more info on this whole email thing?</p>

<p>r aster.... thanks!! i will try that. common app does indicate that my app was downloaded so...we'll see. i'm probably not one to ask about the scholarship letter seeing as i didnt get one.. but i suppose anyone else is welcome to.. haha =P</p>

<p>I'm an NMF and I got the e-mails too....yay?</p>

<p>Hey yay! This good news for all of you who got the e-mails. I just recieved a postcard in the mail today inviting me to an admissions reception in April. It says my official acceptance letter will come later.
Just in case anyone wants to know I'm a NMF and I listed NYU as my first choice. </p>

SAT M700 R720 W790
SATII math II 730 mathI730 U.S. History 700 Chemistry 600
GPA: 93 (around 3.7?)
Extracurriculars: laughable. Very little leadership, but I did work and volunteer a lot.</p>

<p>You guys will probably get the invitation soon. The envelope says congratulations! on the outside =]</p>

<p>wooo congratulations!!</p>

<p>congrats brah</p>

<p>Edit: not to put a damper on things but my stats aren't really good and I didn't get the congratulations letter thing today either (mail just came). I live right in Nassau County too. Sorry guys :(</p>